investment to pay tuition fees, get up at 4 o’clock every night cybersquatting, have a few very happy, then go to sleep, work second days Laoyanhunhua, more than 100 to buy the domain name in the blues! Is at a very low price and sold three, and later read many of the said investment domain to pay tuition is can hardly be avoided in fact, a lot of domain name registration

I’ve extracted a few of those URLs for you to see.

,, hl=zh-CN& q=%E6%89%8B%E6%9C%BA%E5%85%85%E5%80%BC%E5%8D%A1+%E9%AA%97%E5%AD%90& btnG=shlf1314+%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2& meta=& aq=f


will fully realize the network domain name registration appointment, it is not very fast will fire up, if I did not register to national domain name, I can not place registered domain name, and so on, and as the domain name sales, all day and leisurely style propaganda, whether you can calm the blind! Calm analysis of domain name investment needs

with the development of society, making money must rely on the brain, must be good at thinking, opportunities are always ready for people!

has been observing for some time, the investment of domain name must be combined with political and regular development, to know news and current affairs, to understand the national trends, the latest supporting industries and the latest social hot spots. At the same time, care about the news and see what’s happening recently.

I found in my station mobile phone number and test query system appeared on the advertising is illegal fraud website, hope shlf1314 AdSense can as soon as possible to shield these illegal websites and advertising.

For example, the recent



domain name through several years of development can be very valuable, can also influence factors on not worth a hair! What the one, as the domain name investment novice, should pay attention to what influences the domain name, how to judge the future value of a domain name domain name investment may not! No tuition, but in this process must be good at thinking, summed up the experience of failure and need to be good at observation

sh419/s? Wd=%CA%D6%BB%FA%B3%E4%D6%B5%BF%A8+%C6%AD%D7%D3

is fantastic! !!I also have the domain name


they’re all selling 90 percent off mobile phone recharge cards, about whether they are illegal cheats, you can see from the following search results:

, for example, the Xiao Shenyang domain name of the Spring Festival Gala, for example, a swine flu domain name, such as 60th anniversary of the big parade domain names. Or someone says this domain name, a lot of people rob me, cannot grab at all. Yes, it is difficult to grab, then we can consider the surrounding social hot spots, others did not pay attention to, or others mainly to the whole country, can we pay attention to the local?.


Personal views on domain name investmentshlf1314 AdSense a lot of illegal Internet advertising

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