Hello, I am the desert. As we all know, the flat structure is a construction site of Shanghai Longfeng Jianzhan skills should pay special attention to the general web directory level is shallow, more easy to search engines, it is more easily included. For the general weight of small and medium-sized enterprises website, according to my experience, more than 3 layers of love Shanghai will not crawl, if the weights of the high site, even if there are ten levels of love like Shanghai will crawl, Sohu such as Sina, our general webmaster site with Sohu such as Sina website not comparable.


Of course,

for enterprise website, to achieve the general flat structure to achieve the following aspects:


second: we look at the website

there are several writing. The first one:

< > as can be imagined!

home page link cannot be too little or too much, some web page is full of links, there is little substantive content, directly affect the user experience, also spread the weight of the homepage. The collection is not very good. For small and medium-sized enterprise website, we suggest a link to the home page in 150-200. Including navigation, navigation, bottom anchor text links and so on. Of course, the construction of the link will be based on a good user experience and guide users to access information, not piled anchor text in order to take care of the number of links.


third, the plot, the pages within the website directory navigation do quite well, we can refer to.

relatively much better, more conducive to search engine grab page. Information page 21 page, if only on a page, the next page to guide the search engine spiders crawl out similar estimates. To catch the tenth page through the tenth page links into the page directory directly.

this is the most simple, if the site update information more, search engine to crawl page tenth page, have passed 9 times to the next page to page, want to be included, the difficulty of

The first is

second, there must be a flat directory hierarchy. The website will update many articles in the information sector, but how to use reasonable links page, we should pay special attention to.

first, control home link number. General home page is the weight of the highest place, we should make good use of. Often see a lot of enterprise website page is an flash page, or a picture, look at the source code, almost impossible to find effective link. Even if found only in the bottom of the site have a copyright information or technical support link is Speechless… If you want to search engines crawl the page to your home page, but there is no way to climb through the connection page, directly influence the website included quantity.

Increase the site included building site flat structure

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