"dream how big the stage is as big!", want to reject mediocrity, it should develop rich handsome temperament, want to go beyond their own, it should be from the grass root talent shows itself, why do website last had some feeling why double eleven is not fit to be seen, Tmall mall double eleven, instead of Taobao double eleven, all in the description of a problem, if you wallow in mediocrity, so your site will become a mediocre website, if Taobao is used to think of fakes flooded world, then, Ali will force Tmall to prove his honesty. Website content update is an important part of the website promotion work, and many owners because the original is difficult, high cost of original choice of pseudo original, pseudo original is a kind of chronic Dutch act, difficult to replicate the success of the Internet, not to mention the content of low quality more difficult to successfully


in the pseudo original website was very popular, with its poor experience, search engines rate low, the recent years gradually have convergence, but relatively scarce financial and human individual owners, especially in the website content update text content updates, or the use of pseudo original form, will be ready the article take over, with software or other means the demolition of an article soon all a hideous mess, was born, this article, while making it very quickly, in fact, there are many disadvantages.

first, pseudo original also spend a certain time. Pseudo original relative time spent less, but the website content update is website promotion of routine work, so every day to do that, looking for new resources, the copied from other website article processing have to spend a lot of time, the starting point of this article is to update some standing in the search engine optimization point of view, completely ignoring the user experience, will spend plenty of time in the optimization, ignored the most important users, is actually the site into the abyss of the habit of mediocrity! Days and months multiplying continuously enrich the contents of the website, with, in fact, are some optimization language, can keep a few


pseudo original develop bad habits. A person’s success and his habits are very important, there is such a story, a person intends to look at today’s weather forecast, then open the page, suddenly see Hengda win, then click to see Hengda win news, while watching the news, see the latest issue of "Daddy where there is a" very interesting tidbits, then click on this, an hour later, he immediately shut down the computer out, suddenly feel very cold today, it came to weather they intend to see? What time forgot! In fact, many webmaster think a lot of ways, in the website promotion process but not always on time complete, easy to give up, because there is no good habit! Pseudo original is covet a quick word, everything is fast but not the quality, but also easy to form an idler Thinking, the most terrible is not innovation, just do a simple modification in the results of others, this way of thinking a >

It is important to cultivate the habit of website content update to pseudo original

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