To establish a good atmosphere of the forum from the start to rectify the Bangui

recently have individual users do not comply with national laws and regulations of national publicity unfavorable rumors on the Internet, caused by the relevant state organs seriously, I am a webmaster regardless of politics, only said Xingning 528 forum 16 forum is closed, it is not the daily management of website, created a netizen violations from this incident we can come to the Internet forum moderator management must strictly strengthen management over forums, the neglect of management form is now not in the way. read more

Summarizes the small website by Baidu K light reason

online site has a year’s time, development is still fast, because it is a civil service exam site, so traffic promotion faster, the highest traffic rate has reached 29000 IP, including web pages 8700+. However, Baidu K light overnight.

this is the case. On the night of March 18, 2010, I found that the website couldn’t log on. The jump page is the prompt page of the website being closed. So I immediately contact the server provider sunshine Internet customer service, told the website appeared in a 2010 survey of Guangxi civil service exam cheating news "(this is my news from, said the news is reproduced) illegal information, so I immediately delete the information, contact customer service and hope to open a website, but the customer service he said the matter is not responsible for the relevant personnel, must wait second days to open. read more

Web games where to analyze web games the status quo and future

close to the Spring Festival, Guan City’s heart is full of frustration. He is studying computer department of Beijing a key university student, in October 2008, he and three classmates to pay for their own money and borrowing from relatives and friends, save 180 thousand yuan to develop a "Guessing" game, but a few days ago, because of funding problems just lost the game started the opportunity.

now, there are too many web game development teams in the city. "I even saw a person developing web games."." An industry source said, but now many development teams have quit. read more

Products and operations must be read what do users think when they contribute content

introduction: social networking from the Maslow demand model, basically from the third layer began to intervene, social needs, respect for needs (recognized), self actualization needs.

social networking, from the Maslow requirements model, has been basically involved in the third tier, social needs, respect for requirements (recognized), and self actualization requirements.

strong relational network chapter

When we are doing

UGC, whether it is the research content or content flow, we are deeply want to know in the end what when the user contributed content to, what is their motivation, products and operations can be targeted. read more

Website optimization is that unmoved either by gain or loss to a calm

says the Internet startups need to calm, many people will think of "quiet window inside the" small mind "unmoved either by gain or loss, see pretrial blossom; fate not, hope heaven yunjuanyunshu". Is this a Dankan blossom, no Yunjuanyunshu mentality is website construction production and site optimization, even necessary operation site grass more webmaster. Because winners are there every day, losers are countless. Everyone is equal before chance and good fortune. And the only difference is human, the biggest difference is mentality and comprehensive quality. Website optimization, website construction and website operation, unless you are very mature website, with strong funds, technical strength, and a wide range of resources. Otherwise, this process must be full of hardships and pressure, especially for Internet entrepreneurs, so the feeling must be real and familiar. read more

The road of stationmaster after graduating from high school

Hello! I am the global auto parts network ( webmaster, glad to meet you here! Since I started the site set up to now, there are a few months. Really, these people really difficult!

in this era of information technology, there are a lot of people think that rely on the website can make a world of their own. I also naive to think that this is very easy, but when I really do that, did not think so perfect. Let everyone enjoy the experience of my next with me! Is not what experience, barely able to count a little of his own experience read more

Lin Haoming 6 main points that local station development can not be ignored

most webmaster said that my blog has not shared dry goods for a long time, in fact, recently has been planning for the A5 SEO activities, with the local station operators and trouble, so it did not share the dry goods for you. The day before yesterday, "Lin Haoming wrote a new on-line three month profit over a thousand articles, because Lin Haoming optimistic about the local portal, but also by some friends understand the local portal, they can profit a month 2W. So recently I also plan to do a local portal today, Lin Haoming recent experience to share out, hope to get different opinions read more

2009 Qinghai webmaster came with passion

Qinghai network development compared to the country is relatively backward, but as a webmaster in Qinghai, we are like every webmaster in the network, all in silent struggle, eager for success, because in order to live!


2008 has passed, in the year of groping, I still feel a lot of things have not been completed. Soon, 2008 was over. There is no time to sum up, nor do we have the energy to sum up and put our power on 2009. Faster, more steady pace, more passionate Challenge 2009! But I have to remember some 2008 read more

Brand is the life of website development

2009 years Internet webmaster will be held in May, this is the head of the party, will to survive and develop, the growth in the end "as the slogan, to explore the effects of the financial crisis in 09 years, the development of the Internet in the spring will come again, the development of personal website how to strive for further improvement.

‘s personal website, which took the Internet express a few years ago, has grown to a certain size, although it has suffered a 08 year financial storm, but its impact is relatively small. Personal website has accumulated a lot of experience on the road of development in a few years, can not do without technology, can not be separated from innovation, and can not be separated from the brand. Brand is the life of an enterprise. If an enterprise wants to obtain long-term development, it is necessary to form its own brand. If it does not form a brand effect, it is difficult to stand in the fierce competition in the industry. Website also need to form a brand, can be bigger and stronger, in order to retain users for a long time, maintain traffic, such as Sina, Baidu. read more

Discussion on voting principle and operation error in search engine optimization

with the rapid development of the Internet, SEO industry in recent years, competition intensified, frequent changes in Baidu algorithm makes SEO industry in dire straits, many industry operators show that the former website using the SEO optimization and the effect brought by the far less, and even many companies have abandoned SEO optimization. In fact, this is not a wise decision, as long as more in-depth understanding, we will find that the more intense the competition status of SEO in site operation is more important, but I dare say, in the future of the Internet, the enterprise website to sustained profitability and stable operation it is cannot do without SEO and network marketing. So the enterprise should not be underestimated the role of search engine optimization; at the same time engaged in the site optimization personnel should strengthen the optimization of technology itself, the situation in the fierce industry website talent shows itself, bring greater business value to the enterprise. read more

Enterprise site misunderstanding on website planning chapter

enterprise site misunderstanding, read the online article on the introduction of a lot of enterprise site, there are many presentations will be misleading to the construction of enterprise website. Below I enumerate the mistake that enterprise builds a station:

1, the domain name is difficult to remember: many companies use the company name, initial letters to select the domain name, this domain name is not easy to remember, and prone to rebellion, can not achieve the role of website publicity brand. For example: the Dell brother Linyi station network, estimated that many people can not remember. read more

Earnings can also be listed Talking about the financing way of 58 and where to go

listing is clearly an important means for some companies to seek investment and continue to develop, which includes where to go and two small partners in 58 city. As two different theme information "sales", and 58 Where do in this industry is quite satisfactory, in the first echelon of the industry development team. Of course, this does not mean anything, because from the current situation, both are constrained by financial difficulties, a half earned $280 thousand, and one is still losing money. But this is such a state, two small partners have been actively seeking opportunities in the United States IPO, what is the intention behind this? read more

From the Baidu hair to the day of the consolidation process

I opened a PS learning website at the end of 08, after the line on the website, I insist every day to update the original or false original content (all manual update, no collection, Google is included), but Baidu is in 20 days later included, the right weight is also included after the good, in the back of the day there are many words are routed to the first one, the happy


in the coming days, they learned some SEO, but also find the Baidu index, see are very popular PS, PHOTOSHOP, PS tutorial and so a lot of words, but I did not stop when the test filter to this (choose "PS learning network" is the keyword). Now that the regret; but no regret medicine to eat, what can we do? Only change the keywords. read more

Discussion on maintenance and update of enterprise website

Abstract: most of the initial installation design of the company website and no deep understanding, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, the initial site for the exploratory operation, there are only a few simple page introduction, little website information, technical content, coupled with the design company. Fish mixed beads, so the role of the website in the enterprise operation in is not obvious.

most of the initial installation design of the company website and no deep understanding, especially the small and medium-sized enterprises, the initial site for the exploratory operation, there are only a few simple page introduction, little website information, technical content, coupled with the design company successfully, so the role of the website in the enterprise’s operation is not obvious. Of course, the website construction is a process of continuous improvement. Then, what problems should enterprises pay attention to in the process of website updating, so that the website can play a greater role? read more

How to use popular events to promote marketing from Baidu hacked

today to work early in the morning to open the browser and QQ, found that the major site of Baidu news in downtime, unable to access the news headlines. Many webmaster also reaction, from seven in the morning can’t access or jump English YAHOO page. After querying the WHOIS information of the domain name, it is found that the Baidu domain name can not be solved analytically. Internet users in some areas visit Baidu domain name will jump to a Iran hacker website, Baidu domain name suspected of being tampered with by hackers in Iran rumors. Earlier in the day, Baidu official announcement, because Baidu domain name in the United States domain name registrar was illegally tampered with, resulting in can not be normal access. For users who cannot access through, Baidu suggests searching through Around 12 noon, Baidu issued a notice again, saying that Beijing has returned to normal service. And said that as of noon, IP resolution service in the Beijing region has returned to normal, IP analysis of other parts of the country is also being restored. According to Adsense network survey found that, as of the afternoon, when the author published articles, most areas of Baidu has returned to normal access. read more

A history of the struggles of 80 students who have been called three disabled

first, I not only write down the screenwriter, graduated four years of experience, is the true story of.

second, hope that personal experience for university graduates to help, don’t reckon, because when I graduated I also reckon how not graduated from a famous university, Never mind how parents, how to work so hard, why life is so difficult…

finally, I’d like to reiterate that college is just an experience, training is an experience, and life is an experience,

" master takes in the door, practices in the individual " the real technology is on his own. read more

How to do small game type website

before the lecture, what is the first said the game, what is the definition of small game? The following excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia

game is a relatively vague concept, it is compared with the huge volume of stand-alone games and online games, refers to all small and simple game, usually this kind of game in casual puzzle, a stand-alone version of the web version, embedded in the web page for FLASH format. The current small game mainly refers to online play flash version of the game, collectively referred to as small games, in fact, the game also includes stand-alone games, small game consoles, etc.. General game size of less than 10m of the game are collectively referred to as small games, some arcade games. Such as zombies, metal slug induction which causes the game easy installation, strong resistance, no dependence and popular white-collar and children’s favorite. read more

Four questions nterpretation of beauty community really make vertical community a feeling of exalta

beauty makeup community, let others in the United States when the United States, they have to be beautiful. Only in this way, the make-up community will be able to name the vertical community and become another climax of the mobile Internet era".

is one of the most ancient form of Internet products, vertical community a bit down on the luck.

is not like search, electricity providers, social bred BAT such a big Mac, no comment, such as group purchase products through the ups and downs of still tossing and turning in on the road to profitability, but did not encounter the sharing economy like air, and there has been tepid in the wave of the internet. read more

nternet promotion need to do everything

A friend received a few days before

, said their customers were competitors away on WeChat, which he learned of the customers, and have long-term cooperative relations, and did not know how many customers do not know being cheated. In fact, this situation is not surprising, after all, are on the Internet, customers will certainly look around, which is better than what, which is more famous, which cheaper?. It’s better than price, but nothing more than popularity.

a lot of people in order to facilitate the next line of business to online to talk about, but the line in addition to a PC site, what are not, a top WeChat public account, and the account every dead, when the line of customers pulled online came after it, found that customers will find themselves online some fucking company to compare your company, then find some cheap price to compare your price, because the Internet has more Niubi Niubi, cheaper and cheaper, it will naturally follow the cheap running. Then give up on the line, certainly not possible, a good online resources ah, can give up, try to do the following mainstream platform it! read more

How do you run an official micro blog event

Internet is changing every day, and the way of information push and the way to accept information are also moving forward. 2013 has been more than four months every day the Internet information station information about WeChat attention is a hot, hot on the Internet after the revolution with electronic commerce, mobile Internet garrison, social information and how to make good use of every information platform as an Internet thinking? The castaways from the media small grassroots uses an actual example to write something about how to operate an official micro-blog read more