Love of Shanghai know five high voltage lines

love love Shanghai for Shanghai know to give high weight, the chain is a very good choice in the above, the proper methods can also do some long tail keywords, this will bring good traffic to the site, so many webmaster very love this platform, love to love. Please do not forget to love Shanghai know is to provide a platform for visitors, this is the love of Shanghai’s original intention, but now there are many webmaster do a lot of spam in the use of this platform, it is intolerable for the love of Shanghai. So now that love Shanghai increasingly stringent audit, the pass rate is very low, love Shanghai know now so difficult to do, so we have to give up? Of course not, how to reasonable use of the platform, the company publicity out, this is every webmaster should consider the question, here I will summarize in recent years, Shanghai know sex experiences to share with you and read more

On site without WWW ranking is larger than that of WWW

well, it is my present that the causes of this phenomenon, if you have other views, can leave a message, we exchange more! Exchanges can only progress, welcome Paizhuan!


1: the website in early 301 which has not been turned to

method: first of all, don’t give these web site weight, let him slowly reduce weight. Again is to wait, let it slowly the weight transfer.

drop right with the weight of WWW leads. You may feel a bit of fog, high weight, called down right? In fact here that the high weight is down right, is refers to the excessive optimization we do in the optimization, and accumulated to take www home, if the home page weight in the beginning weight is not high, this is also the natural in a short period of time unable to digest. This also is a optimization caused by excessive. Who has done in 301 after the turn, with no www weights without www high weight, but other than (column, article) is high, the natural home page weight scattered elsewhere, with WWW weight will increase, will also cover the right to be reduced with the WWW home page. read more

t is important to cultivate the habit of website content update to pseudo original

"dream how big the stage is as big!", want to reject mediocrity, it should develop rich handsome temperament, want to go beyond their own, it should be from the grass root talent shows itself, why do website last had some feeling why double eleven is not fit to be seen, Tmall mall double eleven, instead of Taobao double eleven, all in the description of a problem, if you wallow in mediocrity, so your site will become a mediocre website, if Taobao is used to think of fakes flooded world, then, Ali will force Tmall to prove his honesty. Website content update is an important part of the website promotion work, and many owners because the original is difficult, high cost of original choice of pseudo original, pseudo original is a kind of chronic Dutch act, difficult to replicate the success of the Internet, not to mention the content of low quality more difficult to successfully read more

ncrease the site included building site flat structure

Hello, I am the desert. As we all know, the flat structure is a construction site of Shanghai Longfeng Jianzhan skills should pay special attention to the general web directory level is shallow, more easy to search engines, it is more easily included. For the general weight of small and medium-sized enterprises website, according to my experience, more than 3 layers of love Shanghai will not crawl, if the weights of the high site, even if there are ten levels of love like Shanghai will crawl, Sohu such as Sina, our general webmaster site with Sohu such as Sina website not comparable. read more

Love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Tools ntroduction

two site. The owners of the home station and love have this tool, including love Shanghai webmaster tools also have this feature, but according to the author’s experience, love Shanghai Webmaster Tools slow response, but still need to be improved. The first home owners, the owners of the house because the data is accurate, quick.

Four, Dead link chain and detection of Detection of

Shanghai dragon Er every day, to write original, to do outside the chain, but also make pictures, every day a lot of things, so often use the Shanghai dragon tools, can save time for work, to a certain extent can even have a direct impact on the website or website ranking optimization. The author is the domestic enterprises, mainly to do is love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, the author will introduce some love Shanghai Shanghai dragon common tools: read more

How to improve the RO Keywords data analysis of hospital network promotion

keywordsThe first day:

day corresponding to the above two data report can assess a simple data analysis and keyword dialogue cost, the same week every month the data can be pulled out to do with the keyword analysis report, but some people will ask the weekly and monthly data comparison of a keyword to a contrastive analysis is not a waste of time the bearded man? Will focus on how to quickly analyze data in weekly and monthly report, please look forward to. Original transfer >

second: Business Dialogue keyword Statistics (including matching keywords to account accurate statistics) read more

How to help you PPC advertising Shanghai Dragon

: a study of

I found that the best brand in the search on the effect of PPC. When there is a direct personal search with your brand, so the visitors from the conversion for your customers is not far away. In this regard we can see the importance of the brand for an enterprise and the product, but when we optimize the brand keywords, we can use PPC to get a better effect.

for those small and medium enterprises, they have no way to put a few million per month in the PPC ad. But for the search engine marketing companies, PPC advertising still has certain value. Even if you don’t use PPC, and the use of search engine optimization technology is relatively cheaper. Based on the author’s experience, an organic campaign to see the results of Shanghai dragon will need longer time than PPC, but some of the elements of PPC can actually help to our Shanghai dragon activities. How will the PPC ads help our Shanghai dragon to share their views points. read more

The webmaster don’t be infatuated with love Shanghai weight



since Google left China, after Shanghai love a single large, more and more owners no longer pay attention to Google PR value, the beginning of the "love Shanghai as an important basis for weight exchange links, a good understanding of website optimization. In fact, the "Shanghai love weight" does not really mean a site weight, as to why, please look at the following points.

is the author of the station, you can see from 3.10 to 3.14 in five days, "love Shanghai" the weight of numerical changes two times. This will give many webmaster confusion, don’t know when exchange links can refer to this value. read more

Love is 360 Hisun search whether off line for legal persons

this Tuesday, Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng (micro-blog) said, "360 search on the line for five days, the user almost no perception case quickly won nearly 10% of the domestic search market share beyond Sogou, becoming the second largest search engine."

Qihoo 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi

Fu Sheng and several websites said data has been widely questioned. Analysis of the mechanism of 1000 tree data reference Alexa data released the report, the 27 major web sites have 360 search upstream. Due to several well-known data research institutions have not yet released August search market data, so the 360 search market share is not clear. read more

Personal views on domain name investmentshlf1314 AdSense a lot of illegal nternet advertising

investment to pay tuition fees, get up at 4 o’clock every night cybersquatting, have a few very happy, then go to sleep, work second days Laoyanhunhua, more than 100 to buy the domain name in the blues! Is at a very low price and sold three, and later read many of the said investment domain to pay tuition is can hardly be avoided in fact, a lot of domain name registration

I’ve extracted a few of those URLs for you to see.

,, hl=zh-CN& q=%E6%89%8B%E6%9C%BA%E5%85%85%E5%80%BC%E5%8D%A1+%E9%AA%97%E5%AD%90& btnG=shlf1314+%E6%90%9C%E7%B4%A2& meta=& aq=f read more

Search will be launched a new version of photo search suggestions and thumbnails

Beijing time on June 22nd morning news, Microsoft (micro-blog) will be on Thursday launched a new image search function, can provide better search suggestions, filters and larger thumbnails.

said Microsoft image search will be accounted for the total search 7%. This update will be the team said, "to make the picture more shine, users can more quickly find the pictures. The new design also makes the image search and image search experience will be consistent with other services.

Microsoft will these new features are placed at the top of the page, this makes the Bing image search page looks more concise, find and use more convenient. Update thumbnail pictures more pictures of the white area, narrow, relevant search list is longer, the right column also provides a list of search trends. read more

Station 30 days weight 2 ranked first win in the details

station, about the core content setting, I believe many of my friends have been told, here is not to do that. Today is mainly a description of the structure of the station, because nearly 2 days to do a lot of Shanghai dragon friends find A Cong, asked a lot of questions, the author also answered them, which one is the most asked me what procedures, what template for structure? I have some helpless, in my mind in the program, and templates, as long as not too old, the code should not be too complicated, is conducive to the optimization of the. I have written before about the code optimization of the article, but at that time no one recognized, will only be considered empty. Under the picture, the so-called without the truth. read more

The enterprise disadvantage factors of Shanghai Longfeng website most commonly used

enterprise website three

said, now where are the network marketing, network marketing, but where is the real network marketing, network marketing in the Taobao store sales website??? Sales platform? And so on, do not blindly, the network marketing platform best mining best platform of their own company Taobao for what products to sell, you? Understand, cheap and practical; website sales platform of their own, their Phil is inclined to this way, have their own platform, all in their own efforts, in any case are their own professional platform and mode; or industry sales platform, in this way, to do sales in the industry website in a variety of services especially in place for traffic and purchasing popularity is the key, I remember when I was in charge of the company before, let me go. read more

Small skills that increase weight

this is the basis of a website, the infrastructure is good, the weight will naturally improve, a good article should include the following aspects. Firstly, the length of around 500 words, more than a certain number of words will let users read the article, fatigue, usually long articles suggest page display, and short articles let the user cannot obtain enough information, the author found that the forum included far before your ideal, probably because of the length of the article is not enough; secondly, the excellent article illustrated the requirements, the love of Shanghai launched a new article before the "graphic" words, the author believes that the article will be illustrated later get more weight and recommend articles to configure the appropriate interpretation of pictures and descriptions. read more

The factors influence new interpretation of snapshot and Solutions

space is not stable often down

for each line of the railway station, the webmaster of this website to hold a great disappointment, I hope this website can how, how, when the station’s heart is certainly looking at something new, however, after the on-line and found not so smooth, the site has been launched nearly a month, but not to be loved in Shanghai included, or after being found in Shanghai included love is empty, the snapshot content bar list page in new station on the line after early, always encounter a variety of problems, and these are what caused it? The A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon the diagnostic team to the U.S. and easy to talk about the influence factors and solutions of the new snapshot, hope for the novice webmaster friends help. read more

Some Shanghai Longfeng April summary found errors in the


third, should be comprehensive analysis of long-term site and the effect of the track, probably a lot of Shanghai dragon will contact a period of time when just contact the site, but in the late stage, very few people can persist, boring thing always gets some solutions, but the long-term persistence will boring thing the conversation, this person is able to do very little, but if the long-term thinking to do website optimization effect of words, I suggest that friends can according to the special situation of the site, every day adhere to the analysis of website effect data and do the necessary site tracking! read more

Tencent really want to give up the search market

Tencent is a great emphasis on the interests of the group, no matter what you do, the first consideration is the economic benefits over the years, Tencent has made huge investment for the search, but there is no significant income return, so some Tencent impatient, this time finally reluctantly put into Sogou search, Tencent statement in order to search the development is equal to getting rid of a hot potato, put more responsibility to Sogou to bear, the Tencent will relieve a sigh. These days I have been thinking about a problem, the Tencent don’t really want to give up the search market, when the search into Sogou search, Tencent will go on to contact the search market. read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis an antidote against the disease fundamentally solve the website ranking

Shanghai dragon

diagnosis of Shanghai dragon search algorithm change

a lot of Shanghai dragon ER reaction website ranking is not stable, when nowadays, it still love Shanghai home yesterday before a few, but second days to see the website rankings dropped a lot, it is more terrible to disappear in the search engine Not the least trace was found., couldn’t find any words website ranking and even the home page ranking did not. A5 Shanghai Longfeng optimization diagnosis group (贵族宝贝 Shanghai,.Admin5贵族宝贝/) by virtue of their years of Shanghai Longfeng experience, can help you solve this problem quickly, tailored for you to find the root cause website ranking is not stable, solve the instability of an antidote against the disease site ranking problem fundamentally. read more

Shanghai Longfeng subtle transformation of the way

remember just contact Shanghai dragon that moment, feel equal to anything, holding the day is the boss of me is the second child mentality, feel that will make a station, and Shanghai dragon, as long as the site will be my one day, but with the accumulation of working experience, only to find themselves before the idea is ridiculous. When you were still immersed in the traditional publishing chain, when the soft writing stage, some webmaster and expert has been transformed into a team, which is seemingly very low degree of competition of large fluctuation reason keywords do the home page. When you stare at every natural flow, the team has started Shanghai Longfeng diversified marketing means, combined with micro-blog marketing, blog marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, WeChat marketing, QQ marketing began to have a huge user communication circle and circle, when you are aware of these things, and the expert team, marketing account the number of fans have put yourself far behind, now aware of something, usually their own play, the original in the Internet can have such a big marketing value, person already in the team’s far to leeward, natural flow has been eliminated by the diversification of flow. read more

Shanghai Longfeng environment to the chaos and to do self construction


also want to say a little.

Since ?

some time ago light-years forum was closed, I think we should all the things, to close the forum, Chinese ping teacher himself is given, the forum has no way to improve the quality of operation, give the whole industry to help is limited, but closed forum based on this. In fact, for this explanation, many webmaster understand Shanghai dragon industry of sorrow, in large and small forums about Shanghai Longfeng or Post Bar, which share the highest flood posts, many webmaster forum to share the experience of only one purpose, that is to leave a link, if your forum is not timely, not popular Wang, so webmaster or directly at the link, then, for the forum operators, for the user’s favor is a bit too much, do not say anything else, just like the Shanghai dragon why forum, even add posts, others are original, may such a copy to copy things, there are so many people it is recognized, people sigh, Shanghai dragon west. read more