whether we’re trying to sign a contract with a client, design a website, or convince users to contact you, we need to know how to be convinced. Like many people in the web design industry, my profession is strange. I am a part-time sales consultant, part-time consultant and part-time user experience designer. One day, I need to sell a new idea to the board of directors, and then design an e-commerce shopping process. However, the important part of everything I do is that I spend most of my time persuading clients.

as a web designer, we often need to lead our customers to the way we want them to be. This is a very important skill. This is not to discuss how to manipulate customer fraud, after all, lying is losing everything. But you can make it easier for people to accept your views through personal presentations. Perhaps the first and most crucial way is to resonate.

1, resonate,

The worst thing about

is doing it in meetings or designing. This will prevent others from following your point of view. But if you understand the needs of the customer and give a response, then the other party will be more willing to cooperate with you.

begins with listening to

should resonate with customers and listen attentively. But it is not enough to oppose. You have to understand what the customer says and see the customer’s pain so that you can really solve the problem.



show your ideas appropriately rather than force them to accept them. Let customers know what their profit is. If you really understand the needs of your customers, use some creative expressions.

let customers know earnings

remember, it’s not enough just to explain your ideas to others. It should show how to really help customers. For example, rather than say that users will like this new feature, "this new feature allows users to come back, which will greatly increase the amount of feedback you receive."". If you already know each other’s needs, then you have a relationship with them.

2, keep a gentleman,

if you have a good relationship with users, bosses, and customers, they will be more receptive to your suggestions. Of course, different objects have different ways of building relationships. Relationships with web users are clearly different from those of the boss. However, some methods have something in common.

let the other nod,

when I want to get approval, I try to nod my head and it looks silly. Nod can give the other person a positive emotion. I usually repeat each other’s opinions in different ways. The other person clearly agrees with you and also shows that you are listening carefully and in agreement with the other person’s point of view.

can use the same method in the network. For example, if my target population for this article is web designer, >

How to convince your users bosses or customers