with the development of the Internet, website promotion, website marketing has become a kind of any one wants to use the Internet to make a career of enterprises can not be ignored by the traditional ways and means, after all, marketing costs compared to the network has inherent advantages. But at the same time, the question comes along, how to get the website promotion website marketing effect evaluation, how to formulate the next step strategy?

in order to solve these problems, website traffic statistics of a number of foreign products have emerged, research institutions have also confirmed the site traffic statistical analysis for the effect of network marketing value, but in the website marketing management practice, the majority of enterprises only through the website traffic statistics are concerned about the number of online, or at best general understanding a visitor’s sources, such as through the search engine has brought the number of users, and users mainly use the keyword search and what came to the site and so on. As a basis for SEO optimization, of course, this also provides a basis for the formulation of the future strategy of the website, but after all, these bases are very limited and messy. Ultimately, it can only evolve into a day to day view of large amounts of data.

so, it seems that the mere presentation of data is of little significance to the marketing management of the website. We can not help asking, the existing website traffic statistics products are still a lack of analysis point of view,

We look at

, a user wants to access a web site, he will use what things, which left a trail? Mouse, keyboard, the three browser is undoubtedly essential, on the site, the access track, residence time and so on. So what can these things and traces tell us,


first, the user’s mouse click can tell us a certain extent of the user’s visual trajectory on a web page. Because, according to the general behavior of the person, the user will first click on the page elements he first noticed, whether the element is a button or something else. Therefore, the analysis and summary on the users click of a mouse will be able to tell us the user in a web page visual read path, so that a web design is reasonable, whether can make the user really notice and can click to click the position of enterprises need to make him. Ultimately, it affects the entire web site’s information architecture, even site structure.

second browser, browser and operating system for access to user information is not what new features, they can tell us is nothing more than the user machine some basic information, here is no longer so described.

third, access track, residence time. For you to do this There is much fineness in two, from the high level, it can tell us users what things to do in the process of access to the site, not only the objective behavior of the user, from the perspective, it can tell us something we don’t not know through the analysis of access track sites may exist in the operation of the user the process issues, and stop.

Analysis of user website access behavior