what is a game? When the Ministry of culture begins to punish WEBGAME, this philosophical question becomes a question of money. The browser as a carrier of the game was originally a bit marginalized, this stick really need to play down, countless casualties. FLASH games, SNS scramble parking spaces, psychological testing games, constellation games, news games, BBS word games…… I’m afraid it seems worldcn than ICP card universal wider. So what is the game must be defined in the legal sense, or that he was not poor Villers, the introduction of propaganda game from Germany, and that is the introduction of a virtual community program, not to get started and the Ministry of culture lawsuit to speculation, financing, and immigration in Germany to do commercial refuge. There are provisions, the introduction of foreign games need to submit the declaration, etc. after content review before operation, then quoted foreign media reports the news, the use of foreign words such as blog, now I have cited a lot of English, I know it’s been a lot of key words of the audit, after all it is inhuman to program. Living people know the Ministry of culture, whether there are audits of similar foreign content? Assuming the introduction of a network, and then advertise on CCAV, that is the birth of the first graphics C2C e-commerce website, do not know whether the need to receive a "worldcn paper"


"worldcn paper" the existence of no one knows, but we generally feel too small, so all day talking about the survival spell of vulnerable groups: "can’t see me, see me……" Think not to muddle through, the Ministry of culture will be fined 3000 yuan. Just now, the number of sina home page, and his family did 12 cards. I finally understand why, in a survey of the differences between Chinese and American Internet users, people can visit the government websites as much as they do online shopping. In addition to mobile Monternet, all websites do home page link to these cards are ruthless, so with so much traffic also be not at all surprising to urge the government to unify the application site, a GOOGLE advertisement, can also create some foreign exchange income, now wasted so much traffic can not exist loss of state assets. Just do not know will not be blocked GOOGLE, estimates he Ya dare, or anxious to open students.

what is a game? Even if a number of game standards preparatory committees make legal standards, there is no real effect. As everyone knows, our management is Xingqingzhongren, used to stop, to engage in what time do not want to do, do what you can to put a BMW. 3000 yuan is certainly not in the eyes, this trick, called qiaoshanzhenhu. Not to say that the economic crisis will detonate online games, remind the dream of fortune, you go to sleep, first to the Ministry of culture to lead a dream card. All want to eat this bowl of rice to the Internet, there is no more than a dozen years ago so good environment, the best to learn about Sina, to the street to copy a permit number, let him spend a year, to help you put these 12 cards to do together, the ancients said, "

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