Hello, for a master, it is insignificant to earn 1~3 dollars per day. The first article, so I hope the old webmaster don’t laugh at me. I started to become a webmaster in May 2007, the initial idea is to make money, this idea is the source of accidentally learned GG advertising business, and then embarked on the road to my webmaster.

07 years in May, began to do the site, but for a domain name is nothing to understand the rookie, it is very difficult. I bought a web page books, installed DW began to learn to make web pages, in the process of production, I feel I do stand the road in the foreseeable future. Later I learned that the content management system of the station, in a large number of content systems, I chose the DEDECMS (here, thanks to Platon, for China’s webmaster developed such a good tool for building). The first use of DEDE, because I do not understand what MYSQL data, I bought the space did not support, installed overnight can not, originally my space is ACCESS database. So I made a lot of jokes.

                later in the process, familiar with the DEDE content system, know the HTML code, but also bought the CSS layout books to learn, learned the locomotive acquisition. Until August established the first korea5.cn station (because my friends do not provide space to provide space, forced to shut down, know) qiushida and learn a little basic knowledge of SEO. After doing a simple optimization, the station has the highest traffic volume of 800 and the GG income of about $4 per day. Later, I lost my space because I didn’t know I wanted to back up. This station is for korean.

              after the station did not, I registered 365riyu.cn (because no record, shut down) began to learn Japanese class station, the same operating practices, in a month volume of about 300, the daily income at $2. About. I think in the Chinese station GG advertising unit price of a large area of complaints, as I know, part of the flow at about 2000~3000 station, GG income will be 5 U. s.dollars. Income of 300 2 dollars to flow is unlikely, basically this result, 1 months will be able to reach for a master, it is not difficult, but for some novice webmaster, my point is not to share the experience, I hope everyone can help. So, how do I do it down to earth?.

, first of all, about website building. Very simple, using DEDECMS to build a station, and then modify a simple template, put it up. Then build a good column and start sending content. In this simple process, focus on the content of the problem. At first I used the collection >

Chinese station 300 flow GG day income 1~3 U S dollars experience