as we all know, the content of the site is in the form of text oriented, supplemented by pictures, in general, the picture is difficult to bring direct income adsense.

even propaganda pictures of the products also have a lot of text, if there are users love pictures inside is also very difficult to buy goods directly, so in the forum will often see this thread (see picture)


if there is a technology to be able to identify pictures of goods, when users want to buy goods directly click to store

not beautiful?

isn’t this a legendary picture search? It’s a world problem. We can’t do it, but what about the pictures in the website? (see Figure two)


when the user moves the mouse to the corresponding commodity label in the picture, comes out this kind of commodity information, if clicks the commodity information directly, may arrive directly where the commodity seller,


this benefit is self-evident, not only can bring search goods convenience for the majority of Internet users, more important is to make full use of the site in the picture, the picture on the network as a display of goods, and thus the maximum use of the network picture value! More website pictures who also means the WHO website will there are more benefits!

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Look at the website picture how to bring benefits for the webmaster