students, in the field of social software and tools, the micro business can choose to increase the amount of powder or a lot of places. Several mainstream software and communities, including Baidu post bar, Sina, micro-blog, unfamiliar street, QQ space, Tianya community, watercress, and WeChat itself. These local promotion skills, the old north next time further talk, this time we put aside for the time being. In addition to combining their original social interests, micro dealers can also borrow their resources.

The easiest way for

is to import its own QQ friends and contacts, which are more or less a source of accumulation for everyone. Of course, if you are in a big company or hobbies, such as the XX skin care association, XX group, you can also chowhound, the company’s internal colleagues and friends into the inside of the society in their own micro signal. These are the quickest ways to do it.

may, some people have not visited the forum before, nor play micro-blog, has not focused on the accumulation of QQ friends and address book friends. After entering the micro business industry, that is, from scratch, this time there is also a way to add powder.

novice micro quotient powder need to pay attention to what skills? First try some mainstream powder method.

you can publish your micro signals on the QQ space and QQ signatures and propagate your micro signals at intervals. Next, add different QQ groups according to your product features. You can then try to spread your own micro signals in QQ mailbox, rafting bottle, and WeChat rafting bottle. Be willing to children can be set to a wolf, you have to give you some products have a certain influence on WeChat or QQ friends, free to his experience, ask him to help you share, so you can play a promotion of your product effect, can also be a way to help you increase your friends.

multi circle, plus some WeChat group, listen to some training courses, many novice micro dealers think that plus peer is meaningless, if you think so, it’s a big mistake. In your new entry, you must add more peers, learn from them, in order to grow and progress faster. If you want to add them, the fastest way is to join some training QQ group and WeChat group.

these simple methods can help novice quickly add a batch of people, but this is far from enough. In addition to these basic skills, micro business also need to master these five tricks, to achieve the perfect powder.

first recruit: recruitment site drainage

The first step of

, go to the recruitment website, website classification: for example, Zhaopin, 58 city recruitment information, own a well paid jobs out (issued recruitment information must be able to attract target customers, and then leave the phone number information), micro signal, if you can leave the micro signal directly if left the micro signal, if not to leave the micro signal directly, a mobile phone number (Note: in order to avoid the phone there, recruitment information that you usually busy with work, this number only receive text messages, if you >

Gu how do you learn the product operation in the idea of increasing powder