in recent days, many sites Baidu snapshot, most website Baidu snapshot stay in May 7th, and some even stand Baidu snapshot back to April, therefore, these days Baidu snapshot has become a hot topic in many webmaster discussion. Analysis on the causes and solutions of Baidu snapshot, this article has a lot of network, need friends can use Baidu Search. This paper focuses on relationship between graphics Baidu snapshot and Baidu included the case.

on the employment of college students network as an example, this website on Thursday (5/14) Baidu snapshot back to file to start in May 7th, these days, every day I will site you home, but depressed people is that Baidu snapshot is not updated until today, I again site home page snapshot is still in May 7th, as shown below:

although Baidu snapshot has not updated these days, but I usually basically still on the web site to send a few original or pseudo original article, generally a day on 6 – 10 articles like this. To my surprise, these days I send articles Baidu still has included, and basically will receive three or four articles every day so, much time to receive eight or nine articles, some articles are issued by day Baidu can included, which makes me feel a little surprised. Like this noon, I sent 6 articles, to now, Baidu has collected 4 articles, as follows:

updated the article today:

today Baidu included article:

from the above diagram is not difficult for us to find a problem: included Baidu snapshot and Baidu is not directly related to the. For Baidu snapshot, as long as you stand not changed the title, as long as you stand without excessive optimization, as long as you stand no big change, I think we do not need to worry that Baidu will K our station or directly down the right to our station. Baidu snapshot to let it fall back to it, as long as we work hard to do their own station, hard to update and maintain their station, not illegal, not cheating, I think Baidu snapshot will update.

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Baidu snapshot and Baidu included