I didn’t start a business. It was just this time that I had some special opportunities to talk to entrepreneurs, so I had a lot of feelings. BTW, more and more brothers have come out recently.

business management three things,

entrepreneurship, in fact, the first tube of a thing, money!


yes, before you start, you know how much money you have, and then you have an estimate of how much money you can make. After starting a business, you should always pay attention to your cash flow. The paper wealth and future wealth are not really, only the pocket money was real. Let money in his pocket turn, step by step, the greater the roll.

second, man.

is a rare entrepreneur. The partnership business, business partners are particularly important, bullshit partners encountered something on the withdrawal, leaving you a person in the struggle, or when their fathers, do not worry about it, also undermine the morale of the troops.

, third things.

management is really what a business should do, but it’s actually the least important thing. The first two did not manage the good, will hang up first, to the steward of this stage, it is really see strength, the real stage of the game.

about entrepreneurship,

in fact, there has never been a choice of directions. What suits you best is what you should choose. You can choose to sell sweet potatoes in the subway industry as the main business, you can also choose the first financing 10 million U.S. knife, and then hire dozens of experts to do chip design career. The key is, which is best for you?. Maybe some people do a web design outsourcing, and also earn a pot full, he said he started without funds, process light configuration exception, finally earned a lot, but, that suits you?


how to choose direction, I think first of all to see a resource problem. Manpower, capital, customer relations, everything can be regarded as resources. Someone has a strong relationship with government, so he is to take the business to engage in real estate, someone with a number of experienced lawyers friends, so do the entrepreneurial firm, and someone cooking skill, there are many disciples, his entrepreneurial choice is to open a food shop…. As for technical entrepreneurs, always choose their most familiar industry, and this is also the basic resources of their own considerations.

furthermore, there is a market capacity problem. First, your resources do not always help you. Second, you may encounter the ceiling in some directions. When chatting with the mobile phone home high, Lao Gao mentioned, when the primary mobile phone may not be a good direction, if the car will be a lot more advertisers, at least, not only manufacturers will advertise, large 4S stores will also cast advertising, do all kinds of promotional activities.

about character

in fact, no matter what kind of personality, you can start a business. Someone is very introverted. He works in a technical company. Someone is born by himself, so he runs a model agency….. >

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