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web site to make money, webmaster about the topic of web traffic, I’ve said: talk about grassroots webmaster website ranking optimization SEO (on) traffic, but if there is traffic, how to effectively translate it, this is what I want to talk about the main problems.

, for a few profitable stations, maybe everyone has seen it, but to say something about

1, adult station release XX pictures, XX movies and so on, what to do to earn money? Sell adult supplies, what increases, such as increased, there is such an alliance, but such stations dangerous, we are careful, some earn no flowers,

2, what kind of profit making? Paid release clothing information, this is considered illegal, and some space providers prohibit doing this.

3 products through the SEO optimization to a certain industry keywords optimization up, can sell products, can also sell advertising, this is generally more cold, less IP, but a good grasp of the IP transformation is quite high, will attract some advertisers or company, remember to stay on your QQ and phone.

4, advertising all over the lottery station optimized to earn the same, there are many in your station to hang ads, but it is said that some experts are doing, but also illegal, we pay attention to.

5, now is the time to dump garbage station is prevalent, Baidu ranking algorithm is also constantly changing, only to be able to master some of the video out, get huge traffic, energy-saving events also grow up a small, FIREFOX promotion into a few thousand knives, and it is for this GG reduced China area GG promotion price, waste site income halved, what advertising to the owners complain incessantly, Chinese can stand up, the alliance may deduct the amount, we Chinese too clever perhaps, who let the people do not earn money, so GG? So far, although reduced promotion price, but GG is the main site to make money, my station www.qqpub.cn are still the main hang GG money, although the price is low, but still maintain a server costs. But the most depressing is the first video in the deduction amount, also heard that deduct money, do not know which alliance will be the next quarter of the protagonist, if you want to do now is the best time to union, have the ability to think about it.

6, a brand such as ADMIN5 station network is a good example, whether it is intermediary, or piece of advertising, all owners to bring a great help, but also have income, this is the brand effect, such as the intermediary, you may believe that graph king, but you don’t believe me do intermediary, and the brand a lot of development, is also an evergreen tree.

7 area station station area, the development of good than do the dumpster is much better, but the development is not so easy, remember to find SEO about some area station development model and revenue model, we use Baidu Search it, I am not here to say

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