high flow the webmasters may know, is ten thousand IP about the price at around 80-150, the price quite attractive but also on the settlement, GG is OK, but you have not thought you do the so-called high price alliance after the consequences?

              it can be said that the price alliance is to use your station released a variety of viruses, if you stand on your good friends often visit, one day he caught you to face him?          

            there are many webmaster in doing high traffic; if you want to make your station better healthy growth, please quickly give up the so-called high price flow alliance. I began to do what the station from IP7000 on the flow of the union, I was very naive start is that the virus code on the code after my KB and 360 did not hold toxic thought no matter, who knows no 2 days GG suggests that this site may contain only the software, there may be damage to you the computer "was GG every day can give me to 1000IP and the amount of GG to =0 now, station traffic began to drop to 4000+ to 5 thousand, very sad own more than half of the hard work it was Baidu 4000+IP every day and other sources of traffic every day there are more than 40 pieces of alliance GG I still don’t feel you can earn more but not to think, do not flow in the code to the 10 day Baidu suddenly also collected to station a large decline in 2 days decreased more than 2 thousand, a total of only 2000+ IP every day now, I was The bottom disappointed, in order to immediate interests, but let me lose more, still doing high flow friends, please hurry to hand it, don’t let yourself hard, so hard to destroy.

Are you still selling at a high price