today at the Tencent micro-blog accidentally saw the start of the hot Tencent acquired Comsenz "hearsay", some bloggers have even begun to guess the overall price of the acquisition plan, some people are rumors of tens of millions of dollars of high priced full acquisition, but rather from the query data from the domain name, held by and Comsenz does the Tencent has changed hands, although the acquisition has not been confirmed by both parties, but also is an established fact.

why did Tencent buy Kang Sheng


apparently, since the Alibaba acquired phpwind, there has been a rumor that Kang has been favored by big companies, but it has not become a reality.

community network platform is an important part of the development of the Internet, whether it is the professional community, or entertainment community; whether national or local forum forum, a group of condensed considerable popularity and commercial value in their respective fields, regardless of the nineteen floor tens of millions a year profitability, even the long lane Xiamen, small fish such as local communities, have a considerable influence on the local political level, this is from another level represents the impact of the Internet on human life, and this effect is supported by the local community.

Although in recent years, the "

network crackdown" have great influence on China Internet, especially the development of community websites, but because of the social demand, making all kinds of community sites still survival in the crevice, and through the strike of the wind in a certain extent stimulate the further development of all kinds of strength and growth of the community.

Tencent acquisition of Kang Sheng, the biggest is probably in order to search and pat

Tencent as the most important domestic Internet company, may not large community market not tempted, especially after the Alibaba after the combination of phpwind and spoiler, Alibaba, there is speculation that directly to the community with the combination of electronic commerce, and the most direct way is in the community into Taobao and Taobao customers merchants settled into specific community, together with the community operators.

pat Network and Taobao type consistent, Tencent as a big hope in the future e-commerce market, but also want to have its own mountain products in community products.

search engine promotion, must be accompanied by a change in Internet users, since the previous Baidu acquired hao123, hao222 site navigation or recently launched, and the end of other navigation station into view, the former site of external access to "low flow" of the era has passed, and the cost is more and more high, users generally accepted fixed site and search entrance today, undoubtedly in the community into the search box, is a "fresh and cheap" concept.

The impact of the

merger will undoubtedly take months to unfold, but what it can be estimated is, >

Looking for the acquisition of Tencent Kang soso pave the way