operation in Cangzhou forum has been for some time, the development of local websites and play it only online and offline combines to expand the process of his greatest power, get the best promotion effect. Compared to offline promotion online promotion of manpower and funds almost is not calculated, so the online promotion has been a novice webmaster favorite, today from offline promotion on (I will in future articles and we discuss the local station line promotion scheme), is mainly about the introduction the online promotion scheme.

one, soft Wen promotion

soft suggests that by writing articles to express their views, with a link to your site address in the article, so as to promote the purpose of the site, relative to the local station, the specific function of soft is to bring a large number of the chain and the flow of small soft to the site, the equivalent of the virus on the network spread, you soft Wen is a lot of his exposure rate is high is equal to your website was more people know, traffic and visibility will increase. Here we suggest that a payment of soft skills, must be submitted to the soft in the large scale website and forum Baidu snapshot update fast and high weight, in order to ensure that your article can be collected for the first time, such as the Admin5 station and the laggards and so on site, the promotion of soft paper is introduced to this, after all he is a novice.

two, blog promotion,

as everyone knows, there is a huge blog group in China, almost to the "hand push", since there are so huge flow of resources we do not use that is not a waste? And now we discuss how to promote the blog website in place. My approach is to apply for a blog in each portal blog channel, because most of the weight of blog portals are relatively high, so we published in the blog promotion website advertising or soft text will be included in the first time, another way is to flow relatively high to the top posts and celebrity blog plus the website in the post links can also play a very good promotion effect.

three, QQ group promotion

QQ group promotion is a method I recommend to you, why is the object in QQ, we should promote are our target group, I think every place will have a lot of local QQ group forum is friends or some other QQ group, there is no doubt that they are our local people is our target group, the specific operation method I use is for some more QQ, the best is female, so easy to give a sense of trust, as much as possible with the QQ group, pay attention to in the process of propaganda not to send advertising, empathy, who would believe that a people who are not familiar with? We should as far as possible with the group of people mingle with the group of friends and more exchanges at the right time leads to advertising, for example: I heard * * dating website is very good, a lot of my friends are in there. I know my boyfriend, I think some of the colors will not let you down, ha ha. >

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