many domestic very cattle SEO, a word can come 10000IP. Come quickly, drop fast,


want to day IP stabilize ten thousand people, have to honestly do the station. Do stand by interest, not for money!


many domestic webmaster, they don’t understand SEO, also don’t understand Baidu, GOOGLE, but they stand tens of thousands of IP, do not remember its number.

why do they? Because they are persistent, they can step by step. Every day will always spend two or three hours update site, 365 days a year, every day, so that the webmaster can adhere to this, only they do not rely on SEO, rely on the station to do interest.

why can’t we? Because we’ve tasted the benefits through SEO and feel the traffic is too easy. I think Baidu can bring thousands of IP overnight. So we all want to take shortcuts and want to build tens of thousands of IP websites in the shortest possible time. This is unrealistic, even if it has been successful, it is temporary.

then what kind of mentality should we stand for,


1, site positioning

many webmaster often have a hot head, think of a web site in the afternoon, at night to stay up late, make him net, hang on the net. Such a busy, aimless to do, waste time, do not say, but also lost the body. When we think of a website, we don’t have to do it first. Do some research on our ideas. If you don’t investigate, you don’t know the real situation, and you don’t have the right to speak. Now QQ space class (here I just example, it is recommended not to engage in QQ class site, after all, too much, too much. ) a lot of websites, and if you’re hot headed, think the QQ space station IP is coming fast. Just to do so certainly not, we have to focus on these keywords QQ space to do research, look at the row in front of the are some what site? You come out of the site has no competitiveness, QQ row in front of the website you feel that the competition does not win, then the QQ space code, not yet on the choice of QQ space template code, until you think you are competitive in doing the website must revolve around this core. This process of locating a site requires at least three days to complete.

two, website update

any website, you have to have new content, you do not have the innovation, you do not have the market, the market often is the innovation of the station made, is not able to update today updated 100, then two or three days in update 100 articles, this is not possible, we should stick to the new day, according to the number of the website reached a conclusion that the daily updated 20 articles about the original is the best, of course better, you are too lazy to change your character, you cannot directly collected will go up. 20 articles a day, 1800 in a month, 600 in three months. Half a year or so, your website data, content is much, must insist, many stationmaster just begin to have confidence very much, can

How long does it take from zero to 20000P