my name is Liu Ke, is a full-time webmaster, a year ago for this freedom, can really show their ability of occupation, I choose to give up the University (for the site to drop out of the three story, to concentrate on the site webmaster). A year later, I did not regret, but also tasted as a full-time webmaster sour, sweet, bitter, hot, but I still love this way of life, my personality is loneliness.

this year in the Admin5, found that more and more friends to join the industry, the number of students is increasing, more and more young, many people have begun to choose a full-time webmaster this occupation, perhaps you are ready to, but are you really ready? I will face this year the full-time webmaster life to make a summary, hope to do a full-time webmaster to intend to help a friend.

prepare one, personal ability,

personal webmaster, you must have the ability, learning ability, observation ability, research ability and so on, the ability of the standard is not your test score, but in your actual work, the task can use the most extent of your ability, and achieve the goal more easily than others. Even if you say, you copied the exam from childhood very seriously, OK, this is no problem, and this is your ability, just good or bad.

these abilities are not standard, you have to observe and use yourself, as long as you think you can, you believe you can, you have absolute self-confidence, then congratulations on the first pass, you have passed.

prepare two, material ready

Zhao Benshan’s skit said: no food you smug what (presumably this means, ha ha). In short, that is the importance of food and clothing!


if your website is not currently profitable or even profitable, it’s not enough to solve your own food and clothing problems. So don’t talk about full-time webmaster. Because food and clothing are not resolved, how is it possible to concentrate on the station? I do full-time webmaster in choice, in addition to the above I said, confidence in their ability, second have a firm belief in the website is: I have money, I can solve the problem of food and clothing, and stable upward trend so I will not have my not because the menace from the rear, not to earn money, and doubt of his decision, this is more important.

and I can tell you: you can’t solve the problem of food and clothing, or poverty, which will affect a person’s mind. This is a gamble. If you can not solve the food and clothing, you only want to make money, you can even see what sites use unscrupulous divisive tactics, he tried, ignoring the individual long-term plan, in the end you will still do nothing.

: to go to work now, especially for newly graduated college students, you need a break in and outside, you need to learn in interpersonal relationship, you need to be more mature, to confine themselves up is not a good thing.

prepare three, spirit >

Are you ready to be a full time station master