as a web site operators contacted many traditional business owner, in this industry website flooding the Internet field, if can really grasp the lifeblood of the industry, an industry platform for success, is a worth pondering, often hear some boss said, to get to platform. Engage in industry website, how much experience, there is a grand ambition how big, but really can do it? Is worth us to consider, is worth us to study.

don’t talk nonsense, cut to the chase, hand operation B2B industry website platform, so take some things and ideas to share with everyone, I hope everyone can give a little help, the wrong place also hope you give advice. When we decide the field and decide to make the platform, we have to consider the following points:

1, industry analysis,

1, Internet environment and industry characteristics analysis

Internet big environmental impact, the development of B2B type industry website development trend, vertical industry segments trend of the site will affect our platform, big environment, small environment we should be fully taken into account, followed by the analysis of the characteristics of the industry, different industries have different characteristics, so as to determine the the user demand and the characteristics of different industries, only to repeat the user to understand clearly the characteristics of the industry, do platform is very favorable to us

Competitive advantages and disadvantages analysis of

2 and SWTO

SWTO analysis of the competitive advantages and disadvantages, I think we are not unfamiliar, we understand the current situation of the industry competitors, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, only give full play to our strengths, we avoid the disadvantage, in this way can we better do their


3, user group analysis,


user group analysis is not to mention, which is a direct target of users of our website, user habits and their characteristics, what is their demand, only know that, we can really grasp our industry users, to industry users, provide the corresponding B2B service industry website

our goal customer groups

4 industry resource analysis

analysis of industry resources, contacted many traditional enterprise boss, fully aware of the importance of industry resources, not to say that there must be up to the industry resources, but relatively abundant industry resources than industry resources is easier to do successfully, no industry resources, the most important is to look for it. Our industry resources, similarly, if there is industry resources, can not be utilized well, the same is in vain, their industry resources, make full use of the industry customers, will maximize the value of the platform, our advantage is reflected in

two, profit model and core value points

1, profit model


B2B industry website operation analysis of how to operate B2B industry website