website name is good or bad, directly related to the future development of the site, so for the site name selection must be very careful, seriously.

what kind of website name is good? We want to take a comprehensive consideration, take the "health network" named process to explain it,


as you all know, the domain name of is a.Com type domain name. A careful analysis of the domain name, domain name can be divided into two parts: the first part OK to understand and explain it in English, can explain a "yes" or "good" means; after a part of Jiankang, is the "health" of the Chinese spelling words. If you combine these two together, you can understand that "good healthy life" is very suitable for a healthy web site. But for website names, we are accustomed to either in Chinese or both in english. There is only one purpose, that is, to allow customers of the site to omit the input method conversion problem. However, for this domain name, it is difficult to achieve domain name and website name from all aspects to achieve harmony and unity requirements.

change the way of the G health network builders open road, decided to adopt the name of Chinese, OK English by homophonic to resolve. OK is a homonym of the European g (details: Pinyin: kè K: I radical Department: 7 inches, stroke, total stroke: 10 Kangxi Dictionary: "zhengzitong" with G. ). Why not use the "European health network can" use "the health nets", further analysis can see, "ou can" two words relatively obscure as "g", can make people more understanding. A deeper level of discussion is that you can grasp from the details, and carefully analyze the Internet users commonly used Sogou input method, only need to directly enter the keyboard "OK" word, you can appear "European grams" phrase. Specific as shown in Figure:


, these details determine the "European health network" for success has taken a solid first step.

The analysis above

makes it easy to conclude that

1, in order to let the website have better development, the website name plays a very important role, so when we give the name of the website, we must pay attention to it and spend more effort on it.

two, the site name and domain name can best organic combination, so that customers from the domain name or website name can easily remember, so that they can refer to the future.

three, for the middle of the web site to provide a good idea, before we all from the site name to apply for domain name, now by domain name and web site name.

four, the name of the website requires more than creativity, and should take full account of how to provide convenience for Internet users, as much as possible to reduce unnecessary trouble.

five, details determine success or failure. Details of the web site

Creating a strong web site name requires more than creativity