this article is how to increase the blog traffic after the article, as a personal SEO blogger, have a attract others on our blog, so I think it is more important to let these users can come again, one thing is as a webmaster headache this.

the most important thing for visitors is what he can learn from your blog, or that you can be inspired, or that your blogger’s mind can infect him. Well, if your content is really dull, you might lose a lot of loyalty to the visitor. Well, here, we should specifically talk about SEO, which is an important content of the user experience. My own personal blog, because I don’t understand the program. Take a simple example. Each of my earlier articles has only a user message, and there’s no such thing as a related article. So, to a certain extent, increase the user’s access depth, because the content in the related articles is relatively close, and the content has certain relevance. Of course, not to say that the user message is not good, because for a less well-known, or a new blog, after all, the message is still relatively small (less browsing),

for the blog content, not only the original is to satisfy the user’s taste, at least you have to do with the content on the Internet, you have a "collision" and the characteristics of their own ideas, this is what they really want to see.

RSS content subscription. This is a very good tool for a website SEO, he is very helpful to our web site keywords ranking, again on the other hand, this is not the tool user love on your blog will have the heart to subscribe to your content. For him, as long as the landing device will subscribe to a familiar directly see the updated articles we blog, if he wanted to see the content must be linked to our blog. This is indeed a very effective method. Of course, the premise is you want to allow users to subscribe to your blog.

builds our own SEO communications group. If the friends who have reviewed my article should have seen it, the latest article from there will basically bring my SEO group number. This is also my practice of operation. At first, I was trying to improve my personal QQ popularity, plus the QQ number. But soon, the problem came, a QQ in their own based on the basis of friends can not add many friends (upper limit of friends), and management is very difficult. Now I have established my own group, and the group has not opened long 100+, and the group is also very active. QQ group benefits: on the basis of a certain increase in user communication, but also a good blog and group of organic combination. When friends have problems, there is time, of course, can do a direct answer, when busy, I suggest friends and my personal blog message.

gives users a certain incentive. This so-called >

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