with the popularity of Internet applications, its fast-paced, interactive features have brought about many changes in our lives. Some internet habits are changing. WEB2.0 era, mobile network software and hardware development and accelerate the pace of life spawned such as twitter, not rice, was born as the representative of the micro blog said, the rapid dissemination of information concise massive way also subvert the understanding of previous blog. Like "happy net", "school net" and so on, SNS website’s popular also has eaten the blog by the open and the polymerization way, the forum user group, has created one kind of personalized information dissemination way for oneself.

the Internet changes the way you live with each of us. While the development of the game, whether it is a stand-alone PC games or online games, from the game content and game types are developed to a hitherto unknown height, but to a certain height means that the move will change slowly, the development of the game gradually into a bottleneck, although the picture is more and more beautiful. The plot of the game is more and more vivid, but the market competition is too fierce, and the number of types of games too much, in recent years, the game industry has showed a downturn trend, so again a few years ago seems to get the glory.

but in the past two years, with the rise of web games represented by online games, the game industry has brought a series of "spring breeze". Big blow game market, the trend of years of sluggish gas. No need to download, install, open web pages, you can play. This is the biggest feature of online games. The rise of online games is not a game or an innovation of content, but a product of game market segmentation. Online games last year were considered short-lived by some people, not a climate. And now, web games have even entered the Internet cafes, online game sites have become a lot of people spare time on the site.

and network game than single game, although there is a big gap between the picture and the nature of the game, but online games do not download, low requirement for computer network configuration, as long as the link to open the page to register can play features but won the workers and students of all ages. This part of the crowd relatively fast pace of life, work and study pressure, need to release the pressure of the way through the game, entertainment, but they can be used for leisure time is very valuable and very nervous, the network game takes too much time and energy, is this part of the group to play online games, as it is the network game they play. The online game is to grasp this part of the crowd to play games but the lack of time and energy, to seize the market, school work rest will be able to open the page to play, is the workers and students most happy to see things.


online game has been successful, and more people have been involved in the online game, an emerging market. Small game market hot behind, in fact, faced with many problems. There are more and more online game sites, but you will find that most online games seem new, but many of them are very similar. >

3366 online game popular dig deep user demand is the way out in the future