at noon on July 18th when more than 13 points, using Baidu to see the home page actually more of a good 123 connection, and then in the webmaster type website also see related reports from.Hao123 in August 31, 2004, Baidu acquired the personal webmaster Li Xingping. It has gone through nearly 4 years of time, Baidu no promotion on it. But today, Baidu why the hao123 connection is placed in the page without giving notice, and Baidu space

side by side?The

industry has a speculation on the matter, is the hao123 flow down, seen from the third party Alexa in the statistical data, from May onwards, the hao123 ranking has dropped 3000, here we first do not doubt the authority of Alexa statistics and accuracy, although not completely accurate statistics, but there is also a certain degree of accuracy, link on the home page is Baidu traffic on hao123, so as to maintain the normal flow.

but I personally think that Baidu is the management of hao123 attention, because the site in China is still a relatively large space for development, China’s population of 1 billion 300 million, but only more than 200 million of Internet users, the novice is still very much, I can see that in the Internet, there are some people who even. Also remember, some even exaggerated to even know how to enter the URL is not clear, sometimes hear a sound: " network management, (for example) how to open ah? Can you help me to open the’


web site development is more and more clear, more detailed industry classification, the development of the industry, some types of station site, and some development types, but in general is to provide users with convenient, growth of our country Internet speed, web site for a period of time still has development space. Of course, the increase of Internet users can not be equal to the increase of knowledge of Internet users, many still rely on a search engine, which is also a lot of is dependent on.

and navigation station

web site development so that the future is bright, but there are also some friends because of their good and do not think that this industry will decline, here I want to talk to those who say, web site promotion can not rely on search engines, such as when a website is not content there is no station, often update the content of the website, Baidu gave permission is not high, to the website development in addition to the quality of the website is also focused on the promotion of the website, users accept ability,

is not well written, may be a bit messy, but I hope you give advice on the line, but to be polite, after all, I also express their views, and also interested in my site friendship connection can also find my QQ 564576800

From Baidu’s attention to hao123 look at the development of Web sites