webmaster website, most time is out with the reality of life, every day at least 12 hours with the Internet company, update the content, website promotion, there are always endless things to deal with. Website is not a day, two days thing, need long time to update, maintenance, not to relax.

webmaster do stand, in addition to routine maintenance site, that is, in the forum stroll, irrigation, hair, link, Hui Hui paste, look at the news. In the backward, webmaster stations, webmaster networks and other interactive forums, and network of colleagues on the other side to share experience, experience, mood story. I often swim in the trace of the forum, the forum to see the webmaster of the people, are the true, the true mingled with the false, the webmaster portrayal of life.

say, do stand, such as life. The moral character of a webmaster’s life is actually reflected in his website. What kind of website is it is a portrait of its whole life attitude. Stand in the long queue for a period of time also saw the bad behavior of some webmaster, really not happy. People should be engaged in the network, are high-tech, life style, moral style should be compared to the upper? How can so many low quality performance? The author write this article, not to discredit someone, just to the webmaster some summarizing the phenomenon may not exist in your body, but true. In the webmaster ranks.

1 false original article, change your name and website link,

website promotion, soft text is a good way, but not many webmaster can write a good article, so there have been a lot of pseudo original. Pseudo original originally understandable, there is criticism is that this false originality is plagiarism. I believe that "pseudo original" was originally "original", in the original on the basis of modification and transformation. But how many webmaster dare paizhexiongfu said "I’m not plagiarism, I is a false original!" stationmaster net admin5.com home often receive a lot of journal articles, but also a lot of deleted posts every day, because many articles simply copied, even the articles are not complete read again, not an original the signs, except for his signature and links to


Internet calls for honesty, such as last week’s "primitive" event, because there is no good faith and escaped and fled, the webmaster in the crusade against their behavior at the same time, there is no thought of his behavior? The usual "pseudo original" is also explained, you are not honest? We do not oppose the "pseudo original" no objection to reprint, but we are opposed to out and out of plagiarism. The webmaster just calm down, even if writing some statements are not very smooth, really original, also than the so-called "pseudo original" more valuable, more meaningful!


2 post other people in forum post

often see a lot of posts in the forum, exposing a QQ, a webmaster, a website is a liar, garbage and so on. We don’t rule out the authenticity of these posts, but please post a similar post

Do stand such as life improve the flow of the site while improving their own quality