many websites attract a large number of users to come here to make comments or read articles, such as blogs and forums. Especially forums, because of the ability to communicate with each other, and then a group of people are active here for a long time. Blogs also have the power to comment, so a very good blog will have a large number of fans daily, such as Zac’s blog and Lu Songsong’s blog. But one thing they didn’t do was to keep the users who kept them, and let them browse the website again, even become loyal users of the website, or they might become our users.

1, the most effective is QQ group to retain users. It’s very difficult to keep this group of users. First of all, we should leave their footprints or their contact details. Most people are unlikely to give you his phone number, and you can’t send an article to call someone to see it. Before many webmaster will do FSS subscription, I subscribe to your blog, then you every update, I will all to mail. But email will seem too slow and not instant, and many people won’t open the mailbox every day to check if there is unread mail. Although everyone on the computer will not log into the mailbox to read the mail, but will certainly go to login QQ. So the most effective and the easiest way is to build QQ group, the flow into the QQ group.

2, QQ group using methods: most of the blog did not do so, the user saw once left, may forget the name of the blog. When I come back next time, I’ve forgotten which keyword search came in, or at this point the blog rank has dropped. In fact, the method is very simple, that is, in our web site to join us to create QQ group number. QQ group needs to create one in advance, as long as you have QQ, you can create a group yourself, and then put this group on your website. If someone read your article and is very interested in you, want to continue to read your article, or want to communicate with you, will join your QQ, then this user is you circle in your QQ group inside. After you publish an article, you can notify him to see, so it will once again introduce users to our website, formed two hits. As a student we use is around the user QQ group method, the address is, he added a "join the QQ group" button on his website at the bottom, so most see the button, and the interest of the students will join. There are dozens of old users in his group now. If you don’t use the button method can be directly put a QQ number, but the knife SEO do the inadequacies of the QQ group is placed in the bottom, not easily seen by the user, if placed in the position of the search box will effect better.

3, maintain the QQ group in the old users. The introduction of users to QQ is only 1/3 of the user’s circle, and more importantly, the maintenance of the old users inside the group. The activity of a group is very important, if it is a dead one

How to retain users when doing SEO