words in writing this blog, I hung up, because I will put the company’s profit website as example in this article, I pray not to be a boss or the boss saw, or it may wear shoes.

for the website copy this case, I also estimated to numb, don’t say we like this small company, so that people TX cattle X is not started by copy? And they now have to wind the rain in the rain, the so-called world article a copy, see will copy will not be copied. This sentence brilliantly is "will not copy copy, copy the copy is generally the essence and discard the dregs, and not all the copy is copied over, like our company website, as long as we have to have some functional counterparts, or not, the first copy to say this is just like before, some people say that upstarts like, people see the rich family a few goldfish, he also raised a few home, but he did not know why people to support, just feel the rich some things, I have, then I also belong to the rich people in the ranks, then also clodhoppers not before, and the fact that


happens to be the boss of our company, too. Of course, I don’t mean he’s upstart. As long as the peer site of some function or module, also don’t fit, need not to need, not to mention the market survey, as long as you give the whole a fall a heart at ease as like as two peas, but this time, if you don’t know that this is not suitable for our market, we now die type don’t need it; the boss said: Although the mouth guy is good, very good comments, what comments must be made to the company. In fact, you’re wasting your breath, any comments they completely won’t listen to you, in their eyes, you are nothing more than a job, you need to behave like a dog to complete the task given to you on the line. Feel a little pull away, back to the front topic, mentioned above, will copy is copying the essence of people, with their own ideas and copying goal not noticed or not doing your part to work, coupled with the market strategy, to seize the natural part of users. Just like TX, although now being accused of various portals, but standing in the commercial point of view, have to admire.

our company is different, the boss see other websites have a new module or new function, feel no, just like people than a big slice of dwarf, trying to have a whole, then how to do the market? This time marketers worst nightmare. After work, the market staff to leave the meeting, the content will be roughly

"we go through long-term thinking and market investigation, think it is necessary at the site of Riga XXX, now through our R & D efforts, has been developed, and successfully, you can go to the next month with the client to push these functions. >

Copy its essence abandon its dross your website is also copied