my bumpy road to the webmaster, from the beginning of a summer. If I go back to the past. I don’t think I’ll ever go that way again. The bitterness of this period is really beyond description. It was a bit of a hobby, a bit more curious, but the biggest goal was to make money. I believe the same webmaster everywhere.

I’m a sophomore at the Academy of Fine Arts. I don’t know if my life is full of frustrations, or is it really fate?. Repeat for three years before being admitted to school now, home conditions are generally poor children early masters, I am here although not well reflected, but I think we should or should know better than their peers, so in every summer to find what to do as much as possible, don’t use home the money. I’ve done all the teaching assistants and teachers. Contact the computer was a long time ago, but for this one absolutely ignorant of wangzhuan. One time, one person with my QQ, told me that, and remember what it was to make money. I heard about the money. Right away, and then I didn’t know how long it was. There are thirty dollars account. For some other reasons, there was no Internet for several days. So, not to engage in the first time, so my Wangzhuan failed.

then I would have been searching for the Internet of things, has been paid attention to, then reach the station, then apply for a free space, now think of it, what is space, what will not. Also on the Internet search web design, the beginning is to see what a golden eagle frontpage video tutorials. See also a smattering of knowledge. From then on on the webmaster career, during this period encountered outdated. I’m not interested in other things, but I’m especially interested in the plate of the advertising alliance. I’m really excited by the GG income from other people’s clothes. So on the day as if it were raining flowers thought: I can do what time do. University tuition will be able to fix it, do not take money at home. Learning art was originally a need to spend a lot of money professional, but also repeat the three years. It’s really not easy at home. Overdo it.

, come back. Go to the school, I went to school for third days with a computer, because at that time wanted to make something on the Internet, the computer is buy sooner or later, early buy can also make some cost to. Now I think I feel silly and innocent. After the computer is bought, begin self-study webpage design. Also learn little knowledge, because the people around are ignorant of this person, encountered problems can not ask. People in the same dorm thought I had nothing to eat. Now think of, do not know whether they are right or wrong? Am I wrong? Am I right? Later with DREAMWEAVER began to do their own web page, and now think of also feel ridiculous. I wanted to be a website for that kind of news. Own a web page, plus a web page. Start a few articles to what has not yet felt, and later found that more articles, this is not a way to add. I never thought I’d do it

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