most of the entrepreneurs are not necessarily clear, VC is where to get so much money to throw around? Quite a few entrepreneurs think, looking for VC like fly to Las Vegas for the weekend in Las Vegas, and VC who bet on the stack smashing notes, some Black Jack to play it. If you think this is finding VC financial money – wrong,

!In fact,

, VC are almost as entrepreneurs and you, from time to time have to go there more funds into the money, such as the "retirement fund" and "Education Fund", "social security fund"…… to tell the story, go for money, so as to those from the VC Foundation base gold giant type out there money to form the diversiform. ("mother fund", also known as "Fund to Fund"), that is, "fund of funds", or "rice vomit rice" – sounds like a full stomach.


, if you have successfully worked with several VC funds, it would be a piece of cake to look back on the financing of an enterprise or project. The fund "change" and "change", entrepreneurs can not beg in the street, as long as the cheek to reach out to the total time to the. "Change" is not a profound, but it is not simple. Especially for entrepreneurs, how to understand the "money" is learned a useful skill for a lifetime.

every VC fund almost all clear their investment direction (telecommunications, bio medicine, Internet, solar), investment (early stage, expansion stage and late stage), the scale of investment, the amount of investment projects. The upper reaches of the VC fund investors (such as the parent Fund), most are more strict professional investment institutions, they have strict requirements and supervision of each fund partner VC background, performance and return of investment.

When you see

VC "change" is not easy, do not believe that VC can throw money mess burn, they have the guts?! if a VC return is not good, the annual rate of return is not up to 30%, this year only VC I’m afraid go home for sweet potato… Alas, if… So, our entrepreneurs brothers also less of a money antecedents. Brethren, or some mutual understanding, VC for entrepreneurs to pick up pick thin fertilizer, find that this…… you know, VC fund investors in the VC management team to pick up pick fat thin, the tube that, as in the picky…… every VC, including me all, as you took off pants in front of investors signed guarantee for investors to carry back a box of BRIC…… entrepreneur VC VC, staring at the back behind also have fund investors staring at, it is the oriole in the post, is not easy to do VC.

Entrepreneurs… Is… Of every hue, each of which fish are There are plenty of people who. Some people start a business in order to change their fortunes and create wealth

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