has been a station for some years, and the first domain name registration is December 2003. Look, there are so many news stories on the Internet. All kinds of expressions have been seen,.

sometimes I really want to say to each argument are reasonable, a year ago very popular do station do local station, a year ago and is very popular to do stand big or small. But after these, I feel that the station still need large. Like my station: this will be 00860084.com a large and complete station.

first, I want to talk about why again big and complete. I found that big is big and complete, the most famous is the HAO123, although the technology is relatively simple, but really be perfect. A HAO123. I am here to say that cover and contain everything and not asking you to do HAO123. Large and all is a concept, such as the sky net is large. Both large and outdated. You look at his column, the owners need nothing to open a.


is large and the characteristics of the network. The network distance was zero in the network game, you buy something to sell things such as profit, I have a small shop downstairs, I want to go to the supermarket to my car, so I don’t want to go, but on the Internet, I want to change a station, I as long as the little mouse the station can be, the same thing you stand, but they also. You said you stop than he is doing fine, I think this is very difficult because of the large, some money, some people. They are not as good as you, is unlikely, unless you don’t win inside the field or, the existence of irregularities. So Ma said, the so-called large and Alibaba with other so-called refined and specialized industry website, in fact is not comparable, and the Internet was rampant, your first message, others very small cost of copying the.

This is because the

large and profit model, to engage in personal station, a few people money on advertising, website, engage in advertising. Advertising is advertising. Advertising is in accordance with the calculation model and flow calculation, and the station can slowly to do downstream columns. If your station set is very small to fine down. One day you have bigger is not fine, large and all traffic will flow much more money, the greater the cost will be smaller, because there is a copy of the concept in.

The so-called

is not large and you say the whole network form, but it is an extension of the station, at least you can support a company’s size, said here that a company is not immediately opened, but in the future, this is you must consider, even a very small the company, if your site is not sufficient to support a company’s model, then you are not always equal to the profit model. Because it is not a company called illegal business income in the Chinese. Like the workshop network long circulated what ah, what is the chat and future is not. It is need to calm after the excitement.

finally put forward a point of view, as a personal website, do not rely on e-commerce, this thing to see!

ndividual stationmaster does station want to be big and complete