I am always very strange, Baidu seems to my website (www.56mr.com) is of particular concern, even if I add a two domain name (movie.56mr.com), or add a reprint information, his score is clear, straight sigh manager Comrade Baidu, you have worked hard. Hard! Otherwise, I reckon you should I implemented a real name identity cards, temporary residence permits, licenses and so on. The culture system from a GOOGLE bring traffic nearly one thousand websites from Baidu over the flow will make you want to all dare not to think, was


I have been endured the suffering, we get a 56mr website also no what income, I don’t care if you do not, your brother love. This celebrity whole station network for more than a year can not say that did not expect Baidu (oh, it is not molested Baidu is not what SEO). But, I did have a little SEM, but the effect is higher is bleak, watching the game we ‘also points to go along with him. But the last two days someone told me, I said the site is Baidu to seal? Amen tofu, me I don’t understand how I was not at all surprised! (it is estimated that many webmaster is have the heart to jump off it)


I as usual very common open CN website statistics, but found that my website in Baidu cruel cultivation, growth as a sense of the natural flow of website, but is a surprise! In the Baidu case can clean out included completed nearly 3000 IP traffic, I estimate here the Comrades you have several of these small sites. This is the end of my own feeling ah, I know for example, from GOogle to 100 traffic from Baidu, at least can penetrate into eight hundred high or even thousands! According to this example if Baidu is normal to me a little the sun, that I can’t talk to the tens of thousands of broken? Here I can’t help laughing…

see Baidu (K), I cry to see Baidu (X) hi! With a normal state of mind to face Baidu ambitious in our heart, I should be the difference between a station and another station, are not playing so seriously, I think a personal website or just a the personal hobby, you love the content of personality distinct and you position your insights, all this is very good. I keep the original reading habits develop paste I am not afraid of being dead brave spirit of the small site is paste for eight up, I’m afraid you don’t bite me? I friend, are you ready to be Baidu K


people say: there will be bread, this year beautiful chicks long is the generation after generation, really have not thought I fall! As the saying goes, and refused to rape rape as happy as happy to enjoy, so I can not money Nai, night no, people have money every night is not willing to be a girl, GOOGLE, mixed with YAHOO’s little sister, get.

said buddy are you ready to be Baidu K