after planning for a long time, joke Lin formally launched.

      joke belongs to the entertainment website, it can be seen from the station name Yierlai. It is not difficult to do such a site, is the main website interface must meet the entertainment, let a person feel in a relaxed mood, so that site visitors can have the mood to see a joke joke in the forest, and the next will continue to return. It is impossible to say that as a recreational site, the IT class or webmaster class, such as the webmaster network interface, so that the first impression of others will not be happy.

      joke Lin took the domain name, why not xiaohua2, xiaohua3, or xiaohua5, and get, it is against the station name, must be combined with domain name. Edgar homophonic Pinyin Xiaohua joke number 0, with a seamless heavenly robe are very suitable. For example, promotion to other people’s introduction, when it comes to jokes, Lin this station name, one can let other people remember the address of the joke Lin.

 :     I remember that I started the idea of starting a joke forest from March 8th, the traditional 38 women’s day. The reason is funny, because women’s day, the phone received a lot of SMS blessing. Fosshan is, I’m a man. Then I wonder if I should have a website like this, which means that every festival can be found on a special website, and it should be very popular, at least very practical. After all, we don’t lack festivals in China, and we also compete with foreign festivals.

      and, in the holiday blessing on the joke will make a fuss, add SMS blessing platform on the website directly send holiday greetings to relatives and friends on a mobile phone, and will take a free membership system. This will soon be implemented later.

      back. Joke Lin, as an entertainment network, is not difficult to set up, how to promote the development of members is the biggest problem. Here, I use my experience to talk about how to develop entertainment type websites, and some suggestions:

      1; for example, joke Lin, now mainly jokes based articles. Such sites mainly rely on repeat customers. Imagine, we need to find what kind of joke, usually Baidu and other search engines to search. But the search for a mixed bag, we can not expect every search can search to our station. But if we search our station or enter our station from our promotion, we should try our best to leave him, so that he can come back next time.

      here, find the easiest to remember

How to develop funny websites and funny trees