Hello, I’m the webmaster of Hunan IT talent network (www.hnitjob.cn). My introduction http://s.hnitjob.cn/About.aspx has ^_^

see the title is "professional site", in fact, everyone is very curious, I’m here to help you explain what I have done the so-called "professional site" experience.

before the third day did not say, and that is simply not the webmaster, this "noble" name will fall on my head, all day is game and learning.

high school, school to go to the students with Office made several motion pictures, combined into a web page, he was also said to be a regional game site, the results of the second day he will not do fart! Then I opened and web design is not the solution of the edge…… (lights off, curtain up, applause!)

1, "professional" Star Corps web site

a week later, I was holding a HTML foundation book for myself, spent three days making several decent.HTML pages, and then updating the news manually every day. Then became the first star team website in Hunan, Huaihua province. Huaihua star alliance. And that was the hottest day in StarCraft 98, too, in 2000.

two years later, began to know the world there is a page called ASP, so began the book ASP road. Later developed a simple background, and used in the original full static HTML page. O (a _ U) O ha…….. At that time, happy three days in the excitement, see people, let them see what I do web site, only see them from the eyes of the admiration…… Revel in ING, happy ING……


because no can do website (mainly a person as I will build, not around like-minded friends, extremely depressed!), to the so-called "Star game game player to occupation", has two or three years of estrangement and procedures…… As a result, I still failed to qualify as a professional player. The most fun time went by…… Later, as the team’s personnel continue to change, the game is slowly fading, and the team’s Web site has completed his historic mission.

2, professional civil service exam website

is said to have one, there is a play Protoss game player in our team, and later in Hunan province first results admitted to the civil service, and in order to help more people obtain civil servants, he found was responsible for the production and maintenance team of the website I talked to, and made a civil servant the test network, I remember the site three months later, from the more than 10 day popularity quickly soared to IP500 every day more, that happy…… Well, it’s just a matter of course, and the website is ready

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