we need to create a good environment, please do not blindly go to the forum message, sending 1 days, you have the effect? Have the effect, the effect is only let Baidu K your website, posting there should be a level, the art of hair, don’t let people see is advertising, this what makes people more disgusted with you, hate you, have you seen the IDC company, the site to mass? People are doing the substantive content, you want to make site visits, want your machine, managed to sell, I understand, so the user can understand. But you so very tired again to delete the message, then, sent to be deleted, and finally acquired a bad reputation,


advertising is an art, it is the door of knowledge, advertising to make people love to see, to allow the user to accept your product imperceptibly, so your advertising will bring you the results, you can’t do that, then you should at least let users not tired of your advertising.

Do you make your

advertising to the top, let you add that, for administrators, even if you just send a post, your website, products will sell better.

let others like a mouse, you can see the tired, are you happy? Is the effect you want? Please treasure post, please stay away from the group, by the administrator, moderator chasing ShanTie, this is not your results, you want to let people see your advertising, let the user know your website. Allow people to pay attention to your product


Advertising is an art but also a Book of knowledge written to DC and some webmaster