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we may often encounter such a situation, when installing a software installation of other software or pop-up advertising, do not know if you have not thought about this problem? If your software is good enough, so some of the ads, to bring their own benefit that is immeasurable.

so how do you add ads to the software? If you know programming, you can write software, that’s the best. In that case, I don’t need to teach you. If you want to know more, please go to my website to find out.

In fact, most of us are not

programming to write software, how to do that? People download software to extract, when will see many things you don’t want to, that is, people in advertising, to your web page file compression to the inside, to ensure the file name is attractive enough if so, will cause others to click. The problem is, I do download stations, generally is the direct use of others to download address, download files or others, don’t worry! You don’t use your head? Just tell others of your QQ, let them find you OK or


but the most important thing is that your software is attractive enough, and it’s hard for others to find it. Think of my several software, such as website promotion software ah. QQ more software, ah, are very good. Although there are a lot of online, but there are certain restrictions, I used a different.

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Analysis of how to add clever advertising to software