original title: the beginning of the mobile community series: community people stand up,

Abstract: if the Internet has changed China extensively, then the communities on the Internet have brought more profound changes to the Chinese people. Mobile communities allow Chinese people to have their own "organizations" in their daily lives. People can speak, communicate and reach consensus at any time and place in different groups. With the help of the mobile Internet, China has found a path to an open society.


was once a tough community business, and this round might have stood up for the mobile internet.

do community is ashes enthusiasts, but in the PC era, they are doing very hard, very tired, old communities tend to have more than ten years of history. But China does not have a big Mac like the United States, like Facebook. Renren, once called Chinese Facebook, had a market capitalisation of $7 billion 100 million, but its shares were ugly year after year, now only $1 billion 300 million.

once in white-collar workers set off "steal food", "grab parking spaces" frenzy "happy network" is now silent, it is said in the muffled sound of the game of money. The famous Tianya community was founded in 1999, and only 2007 years ago have won scale income. Tianya completed only two rounds of financing, the amount is not even tens of millions of dollars this level. Moreover, by the impact of the new social style, there is no opportunity to appear on the market.

into the mobile Internet era, everything is not the same.

Before the king of sina in the

portal, blog, video, games and other direction of exploration, but always can not open the door into the room, in 2009 with sina micro-blog – China Twitter China return to the Internet in the first camp, April 2014 Sina micro-blog listed on the United States, the market value of more than $3 billion.

unfamiliar street August 2011 on-line, in July 2013 began to try to "prudent commercialization", within six months that accounted for about $8 million. In the spring of 2014, unfamiliar street valuation has reached $3 billion. Of course, the valuation of WeChat’s tens of billions of dollars does not need us to dwell on it.

, Sina, micro-blog, unfamiliar street is only a mobile community, becoming a microcosm of venture capital hot areas. Mogujie.com’s valuation has reached $1 billion, a valuation has reached $500 million, the star wardrobe valuation has more than $200 million, and reached $100 million valuation.

companies with an unknown valuation, the amount of financing is enough shock. Ding Xiangyuan received a $70 million Tencent, love making original get Saif led a $38 million investment, the U.S. grapefruit obtained Heiner Asia led a $35 million investment, Nice acquired H captial led a $20 million investment……

if two years ago, the entrepreneur’s judgment of the mobile community was the "Big Bang" of the start-up, the big figures and mainstream companies could not prove moving though

Community business that had been forced could stand up for mobile internet