wind control, control is simply the risk, with the development of Internet technology, there is also a strong technology development, in the silence, and even the formation of a closed loop on the downstream industry chain, namely "black production". Black production throughout the entire Internet, all walks of life, every corner, today to tell you about the electricity supplier black industry what?.

in the electricity supplier’s R & D system, there is a "risk control" department, the entire department is responsible for ensuring the safety of the entire site, reliable. Is a mysterious organization, need every day and of every hue hacker and cattle wits.

then, what security risks exist in an electric business website?

1. data leakage

It is self-evident importance of

data, especially the business data, including personal information (name, sex, delivery address, telephone) and shopping information, or more sensitive, now relatively large domestic business platform are engaged in big data, can be calculated for each user’s preferences are what push customized according to each person’s different preferences. Even like Ali, Jingdong engaged in the financial business, but also rely on these perennial accumulation of user data, based on these data, you can credit rating of users.

if the data was leaked, will suffer huge losses, the user will also receive the corresponding damage, now we often receive harassing phone users, advertisers get information through various channels, which are basic information from non normal channels.

before the Internet user data channel hackers broke the news over the many well-known websites were stolen, if you broke the news is true, then we can see the current Internet environment is not so safe, but imperceptibly our data has been leaked. The good news is currently on the security problem of each big company has been very seriously, especially the user’s privacy information, so it is recommended that you do not leave sensitive personal information in some not very famous website, because the ability of self – protection at present small and medium-sized site is not so strong.

2. scalper scalping

electronic business platform commonly used promotions are generally full cut, full gift, when there is a scarce commodity or price dynamics, relatively large, then spike. The promotional activities is really awesome, it would bring cattle, cattle can be said that we are more familiar with, near the train station, in the hospital, in the doorway, beside the concert at the cinema, at the gym… It can be said that as long as there are scarce resources, there are cattle figure.

on the electricity supplier website, as long as the big promotional activities, cattle will appear. However, the business promotion is to attract new users, activate the old users, the essence of a potential user to buy the process, so businesses are willing to lose money to promote sales. Such as

fruit merchants have put in a lot of cost and got a promotion

Electricity supplier technology decryption the electricity supplier website will exist what security