again Wednesday, ha ha, Wednesday is a very happy day.. Why? Because of the big update on Wednesday, Baidu?..

Baidu is sure to be updated every Wednesday.. That is to say, included page on Wednesday, not much is less, if your site has not been included, then take advantage of Wednesday two days before to manually add some content to hurry, don’t slam collection, pick your dead station… By Wednesday, you can wait for second days when the SITE miracle.. Ha-ha。。 If your station has not changed, then Baidu has no interest in your station.. You still don’t want to be your station. It’s boring.. (valid for two weeks. If you haven’t been included in Baidu for two weeks, your success rate will be reduced by 100%)

railway station, Lishui television network station today is the fifth day, just met Wednesday update, just SITE, found that Baidu has received, but only one, but also happy, ha ha, after all, only 5 days Baidu included…

here to give you the most practical and most stupid suggestions, want to be Baidu included, must manually add data… Also, it’s better to start manual updates two days before Wednesday.. Good luck,


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