network marketing is a relatively low cost marketing methods, so the current network marketing companies are everywhere. However, network marketing should be carried out in different stages. But the most difficult of network marketing may be early, but in the initial period of network marketing is to learn to win popularity.

in order to enter the market and shorten the initial stage of investment returns, the best means of network marketing is to put keywords in the search engine advertising. Because the site just on the line, almost no one knows, will not have access, this time network marketing methods other than the conversion time is low efficiency, and put the keyword advertising is the most rapid and most effective way of network marketing. For example, Shanghai vitiligo hospital ( in the early online site, using the Baidu bidding, the day brings a certain amount of traffic, and also used a very short period of time to allow Baidu included in the site. Keyword advertising will be completed in a day. Then there will be relevant traffic through the search engines to provide advertising links to enter. The input keyword advertising should pay attention to in-depth analysis of the results of each keyword, which is to calculate the cost of each keyword advertising and the proportion of traffic is essential, and then calculate the conversion rate of orders. Revealing a little bit of experience, one by one to put keywords, which can easily analyze each keyword. In the early days, this method can bring some business for the website, and also can do some market research.

can start the search for the entire web site while carrying out keyword ads. In general, when writing a page can be in accordance with the principle of optimization of the SEO page, when the line on the website, the website is the main external optimization work, such as the log of the major search engines, external links construction etc.. This cycle usually lasts two to three months, this time, with keyword advertising experience, you need to adjust the work of SEO, for high-quality keyword priority SEO optimization. With the development of SEO, some of the key words will be ranked at the forefront of the natural ranking. At this time, you can stop these keyword search engine ads in order to save costs.

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