The role of the

forum is to enhance communication between users and provide a platform for communication. At present, many websites will open web forums, but most of the forums are in a state of silence, and every day BBS IP is not hundreds of PV, but thousands. How to make this kind of forum to life, full of new life? The author took over the management of a class in this forum last year, the Forum on IP and PV than at the beginning of the promotion of more than ten times, the search engine included 5000+ keyword search ranking first. Share your experience here.

means breaking and then standing, not breaking but not standing

took over the forum, the first is the revision of the forum, the forum revision, mainly from the positioning, the forum arrangements. We must first determine the forum group, attracted the attention of this group and their information to your forum to what you want. In this forum I took over the case: Chinese IDC forum user group is divided into three parts, IDC industry personnel, webmaster and Internet companies. Then, for these three groups of people to open their respective concerns of the plate, advertising information release area, site operations area, industry trends, so that we can meet the basic needs of the three categories of people. What I emphasize is a concept that only captures the needs of users and allows users to spend time on forums.

has no manners without Cheng Fangyuan,

rules: a system or statute that is set out for everyone to comply with (generally binding). Each game must have its own rules, and only if the rules are bound to the player, then the game can run steadily and steadily, and the management of the forums remains the same. As a manager to develop home each forum Bangui, recruitment management experience and ability of the moderator. The management of the forum should communicate regularly, and we should hold two points in management, one is diligence, the other two is justice. To let the user go to your forum, you should first see the topic of interest, not spam.

forum optimization

now has a lot of online SEO site optimization articles, many of which can be used for reference. With regard to optimization, I think the main point is to do the following.

1, website title and each section do not over repeat keywords, that is, optimize not excessive.

2, to maintain the originality of the forum article, including pseudo original.

3, to ensure the quality of friendship links, at the beginning I did more than 50 connections, but the effect is not very good, personally think that to stay at 20-30 best.

4, to carry out the promotion of the forum, the promotion of many ways, the most notable is the relevant industry QQ group and forums.

hope that these people can give you some inspiration, do not let those silent forums continue to sink.

How can we make the silence long BBS back to life