Internet, wherever there is CMS system, the forum has two plates the most popular, acquisition + plug-in area and template exchange area

said that the first 1 templates, as a whole, love find template webmaster, too busy today, for this change tomorrow that today to find someone to imitate this template, which imitate tomorrow, so long time, the site did not say how like? How much do you content, but that the number of visits you IP how much? IP? How much is secondary, the webmaster love and ignore the PV value, the surface looks like this refers to the income and never mind, in fact, the PV determines your site quality and viscosity, high PV, IP less can click rate. Website want to do pretty much every day but he no ground for blame, simply, concise template is the best template, the general official to the template, the code is very concise, general official template quite good use in the DIV+CSS architecture, you want to be beautiful, then color and layout changes can be slightly very beautiful, you only need to modify the CSS file can be, and every day to find a template, not to add some content, but also convenient and effective. In case you have to make a template, it’s better to find some time to learn the DIV+CSS framework, and the official DIV+CSS is a good tutorial.

every day busy find template comrades, wake up, the energy used in the blade, seize the time to make money ah, you do find template and collect the money instead of people rushing (not me), this is the contrast.

2 talk point collection: believe most of the webmaster all know, Baidu acquisition is very taboo, if your website is collected, or almost no original (pseudo original) content, so Baidu is likely to direct it in the sandbox to this site into the blacklist, refused to included many webmaster forum. According to capture the main station garbage station, one acquisition skill, just collect content into their own "original content", really cheated a lot of traffic from Baidu, the people call is to their own technology and Baidu fight, you can proudly? If the acquisition can make the website promising. And those portals and technical strength strong stand early on this make hair? Really smart people with successful, but his success is definitely not in the content acquisition success. When collected in 2004 just popular I learned his own collection, also everywhere to show off Shanghai station, IDC station at Gaya told me that the acquisition will make the Internet content spread, acquisition station has no soul and blood, its quality is not on the forum, and training a lot of lazy, so the station live soon, at that time I was very surprised, I also ready to use the acquisition to create several "portal", not afraid of you laugh, although I have not a rookie, master did not say, but then thought, really did not mean high now ordinary webmaster, needless to say, the station did not experience the test of time, died.

now I don’t use CMS any more, no longer

Grassroots webmaster must use good steel in the blade