after the website obtains the flow through the promotion, the profit is next may consider the topic. The website has what profit mode, how to choose the profit method that suits one’s own site, it is the problem that this chapter needs to discuss thoroughly.

a, divergent thinking, so that the site profit maximization

personal websites are getting lower and lower revenues through advertising. Many webmasters don’t know what they can do in addition to advertising. And I don’t know how to locate the site type. In fact, there are many types of website profit model, listed below are a few of the most common patterns, and most of the profit models are derived from this.

1. professional oriented, relying on feature profit

this kind of website features is more professional, professional knowledge by itself is convincing to affect users, so users most willing to pay per view information, the website itself advertising value is relatively high, easy to attract high quality advertisers.

professional nature of the site for the owners of the requirements are relatively high, not only requires a profound professional knowledge, but also have strong innovation ability, such as Ai Rui, is a professional data analysis, ranking as the site of the later only imitators, but imitators wanted more than standard established, the need to pay a the high price, but it is almost impossible.

if you do this kind of website, do not want to imitate, imitation is no way out, to find more, try more, perhaps in your inadvertently, the new standard was created by you.

2. charges

via web contentFor example,

can create an English learning materials charge member station, this site will have a faithful member, can regularly to members for the membership fee, if the other site want to have a large number of loyal members must work in content. But if there were a lot of free website similar, we must do a good job in the content at the same time, also need to control the content of the loss, this website has a point to note is that if the short term can not quickly make up words, it is easy to model and content will be copied, and then it is easy to fail the.


Figure 1 relies on content charging material web site

3. profit by offering services

through various value-added services to service users advantage is that the Internet service is good, and naturally easy to profit. If the site to a certain type of in-depth analysis of the needs of users, they need to know how to service, then users fully understand the situation, to help them solve practical problems, establish a good relationship and it is easy to users, so the website also can be very convenient for the profit through this kind of value-added services.

but often make this kind of website, can not be too much fast, slow training of users, increasing user stickiness. >

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