translator: for web designers, how to organize and plan content can be a crucial and vexing problem. This paper on the management perspective, from the content of planning, development and maintenance of three stages to tell readers how to adopt and implement the correct content strategy, while providing a lot of practical methods and content planning tools, such as Basecamp, Trello, GatherContent.

I had a big problem when creating my own digital organization: organizing content.

for most of the projects we encounter, content is a significant bottleneck. Gathering content from customers is difficult enough, but more troubling is managing infrastructure, workflow, publishing, technical details, and certification workflows.

let’s admit it, the development of content is still a huge, frustrating process. The client throws a 200 page word document to you at once, and sometimes comes with a CD filled with scattered pictures and a partially consistent process. How much time can you spend on sending and proofreading word documents by mail?

, based on the experience of managing and operating a 14 person studio, according to three different content development stages, I’d like to share some ideas to help you tame this troublesome process:

content planning: ask questions, get first-hand requirements, create information diagrams – Information architecture.

• content development: get content from customers and focus on requirements change and certification processes.

content maintenance: make the information diagrams created more vivid and carry out reviews to ensure the timeliness of the requirements and the accuracy of the content.

The 3 steps above

help us streamline the plan, manage and release content, and make our relationship with our customers more harmonious.

let’s take a detailed look at the steps of the three content development steps.


} {planning

content planning is the most important part of the entire process, and absolutely worth putting in as much time and manpower as possible.

the more time you spend at this point, the less time you’ll need to spend in the later stage. Investing as much manpower as you can in the early stages will reduce confusion and confusion, help you set the right expectations, and help the entire team understand your content strategy better.

There are several points that

needs to pay attention to when it comes to content planning. Now let’s go into details.


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How do you incorporate strategic content strategies into web design