medical industry in China’s market point of view, is a very worthy of promotion, and more than 70% of Baidu’s PPC ads are contributed by the medical industry, but also reflects this point from the side. This requires not only the promotion of traditional media, now China more and more netizens, "use Baidu Search, You’ll see.", is the lesson of every rookie on the Internet, so the value of the information network brings more worthy of attention of all industries, the medical industry to intensify the network promotion.

began to enter the medical circle from graduation, now has 2 years, has drawn a lot of medical industry experience, here to share with you a personal idea now, briefly talk about the hospital website promotion mode.

1, search engines pay for

now Internet users search has formed a habit, do medical industry, must do long tail keywords bring traffic, this kind of directional flow conversion rate is the highest. Of course, Baidu promotion is also to do, this does not question, you do not do bidding promotion, Baidu will not give you a good look, because Baidu rely on this to make money. Whenever the more successful hospital projects, such as andrology, gynecology, beauty department, there is no one on Baidu burn money.

now pay promotion in the current medical industry, in my opinion has entered a vicious circle, an average of about half a month, paid advertising costs will increase by one click on the word level, several, even dozens of hospitals to rush to panic buying a keyword in the case of malicious click also meet the eye everywhere, not in the minority. The monthly budget is going up, there was a hospital manager told me this sentence, "it added to the budget slowly, finally there is a bottleneck, there will be people out, and finally the big blowout, finally will return to the origin", is, no matter how to fight, the winner forever is Baidu.

two and SEO promotion scheme (SEO keyword)

hospital industry SEO promotion in the overall promotion of low proportion, mainly engaged in hospital brand promotion, word of mouth promotion,

The purpose of

optimization is also to promote hospital brand. Whether it is site keywords ranking, soft Wen promotion, is only the side of the site itself marketing. Have seen a lot of relatively large, and the operation mode is very successful hospital website title, such as:

the Shenzhen * * * hospital is the best * * * hospital in Shenzhen, the * * * hospital of Shenzhen * * * ranks No. 1 in the country,

, Shenzhen * * * hospital, 3 * * * international leading base,

None of the

headlines is an advertisement for the overall brand of the hospital.

many people overall understanding of SEO for ranking in this piece of the site, now do storm ranking a lot, if in the website brand slogan, and embedded into the SEO keyword appropriate, may be a suitable choice. I used to do tests, >

Discussion on the promotion model of medical websites