launched a web site, there are many website, website like life, then the process of birth and death of a website is very rapid, the snow on his own experience to share with you.

website of the year is equivalent to seven years of people, this sentence does not know where it was handed out, but this fully and vividly wrote the life of a web site. Just like tears before snow, the Internet Explorer Web site is very confident that the web site is the same, running on-line for about five months. Just three days ago, I was still closed.

as to why to close, in fact the reason is very simple, can be difficult to maintain and update it in their personal capacity and life, as the decision to end the life of the website, I believe most people I have such experience, at the beginning of the plan is very perfect, but when you actually go step by step down, you will find that in fact did not imagine and plans go so smoothly.

before the project site is the main direction of the Internet information sharing, content mining valuable time, but then began to prepare the content becomes more and more confused, perhaps the main cause of failure was shaken a direction of the site, the content and direction began to build their own, then do not know how to change is always thinking the content of the website so that the back direction, do not know what the site’s purpose is.

snow here just want to tell you is that during the site plan, need to carefully choose a direction, what is the website, snow personal advice is that you need to consider their own interests, so you have enough ability to perform it, if others do so is watching closely feel good blindly imitate, so it is very unwise, the success or failure is often not for an industry or the direction of the cold, more is to follow blindly, and then you’ll feel more and more no effort, he began to relax.


site is not up to us before the desired effect, he also will begin to give up the webmaster, this is the cause of many websites decadent, like a friend of mine, until they are very confident with me to do blog, just began to communicate with me this topic or a lot, what key. What are the ranking talked a lot, but it comes back when he said the real implementation of the same, or slack, including me, my own is the beginning of one day, and later because of the study, in fact, I think more important is the website did not achieve the desired effect himself no original confidence.

friends there was simply no care, although I slack, but every week will squeeze a little rest time to write an article, the article I try to insert their own words, trying to put the blog to the search engines do, so the blog for a long time is not in a depressed state of the user experience.

actually, then

How to continue the life process of a website