during the Spring Festival, I do not have much work, I began to concentrate on how to improve the flow of Web site approach. I have been doing site planning for 05 years, and I have learned a lot about SEO. There are many ways to improve traffic, such as writing original articles, changing links, posting forums, posting blogs and so on.

this time, I didn’t introduce these familiar methods. Management of the website can not be separated from innovation, always copy other people’s things, nor is it a long-term strategy.

to talk about one of my sites, is the "Beijing move comment, the existing traffic is about one hundred, I want to achieve second breakthrough and improvement, in the beginning, I also consider making some popular keywords to move the industry, competition is very intense popular keywords, presumably in this industry people are very clear. From all sorts of choices, I gave up the idea for the time being.

or return to a point, to solve the problem from the innovation, I went to Baidu, Google, YAHOO and so on the site to search for some moving information, found that many queries move, a lot of friends, to find experts to give them a move to the beginning is a lucky day, I Zhaomaohuahu, watching others the answer, for other users to answer questions.

a move is regular, why I do not develop a software, let move customer self-service query this


I concentrated on research for about a month or so, and finally found the rules and methods, and spent more than ten days, looking for someone to develop this software for me. In order to verify the accuracy and validity of my query software. I am looking for a feng shui master, let them give me the right answer, has been well recognized, said I was a good idea, in their proposal, I was on my software tuning up slightly, began to market, ha ha ha.

below, my job is easy, because a lot of people online to move, I just put my site back up, let them be query.

I designed to move the query software, is personalized query method, according to the head of household animal, new direction, date range query. So it’s convenient and convenient,


my website traffic with less than a month, it increased by more than 100, seems to have produced word of mouth effect, a lot of net friend with good, my query address reprinted to other net friend.

to sum up, no matter what work, or innovation is more valuable, a subtle innovation, can make your work efficiency doubled


want to know my friend software, please click here to move to query

How do increase traffic by 100