with the implementation of the new tourism law in October, there are two aspects of tourism websites that need to be adjusted: first, there is no shopping and self paying information during the trip; two, the price of the line is over 60%. And the small and medium-sized websites face these two adjustments, will give the present situation with insufficient strength. So what should we do with our small and medium-sized travel websites,


, I have been traveling in Singapore for over a year, and now has some influence in Sichuan, but it still belongs to small and medium tourism websites. Today, through the adjustment of the operation of the travel network, we will analyze how the small and medium-sized tourism websites should deal with the implementation of the new tourism law.

through careful reading of "new tourism law", we found that for small and medium-sized tourism website itself the greatest impact is only the itinerary and price of these two aspects, in accordance with the provisions of schedule cannot appear at their own expense and shopping information (especially, the shopping trip, we adjust the information) is the station all travel page "vanity project" and "shopping information" delete all, then hide the line, and travel page re submit to the major search engines, request to snapshot.


here you should pay attention. It is suggested that the small and medium travel website do not delete the previous trip directly. Although in accordance with the "new tourism law" description of a tourist destination to a simple trip on the line, but we are best removed at their own expense and shopping information before, and will involve travel at their own expense and shopping information hidden, so the search engine can find the travel page, but the user can not directly see, for the search engine of a buffer, to avoid a large number of 404 and 302, resulting in a large number of delete pages.


with the expense and shopping information disappear, this part of the consumer will add the appropriate process itself, because the implementation of the package tour, so the trip price will increase a lot, especially out of the province and outbound travel. The price has been raised, and tourists have a more cautious attitude towards travel. What should we do with our medium and small tourist websites?

1, re screening stroke. Ensure a rich itinerary and reasonable price.

2, custom show price. It is recommended to use the word "XXX yuan" in the itinerary list to guide the user to browse the itinerary.

3, outstanding website qualification. Easy to improve the user’s trust, weakening the price rise of doubt,

4, enhanced guidance. As the itinerary is more simple, then the user’s loss rate will rise, this time we need to text, pictures, tables and other forms of expression above, do more guidance, allowing users to initiate consultation. The common method is to indicate the itinerary for reference only. The details are subject to call / online consultation.

5, do preferential activities. Since the price is up, then we >

mplementation of the new tourism law how to deal with small and medium sized tourism websites