website editor, basically everything revolves around the business, technical service, just a search on the Internet there are thousands of pieces of information, like entertainment, literature easily. Pay also have harvest, do the editorial work of the website article, also helped the flow increase of the website. Long term editorial work, summed up the following main points, to share with you:

first, targeted reprint, see good reprint, timely reprint. For example, my website China ( is to do webmaster consultation, as I found in A5 a "site of knowledge" or "website promotion" is found in Chinaz, and my site is not, it must be the first time around. Of course, if we see news like "making money on a certain website", I won’t turn it around.

second, the site’s articles are numerous, but by collecting or reprinting all the time, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the article for a long time. To get high quality articles, you have to do it yourself. With the most sincere state of mind, write the article that suits his website most. The source of the material is your professional skills, grasp the technical problems of professional, not afraid of writing good articles.

third, writing articles always takes a lot of time, but also have a certain style of writing. However, when genius may have run out of ideas. This is the time to see friends. Articles that come from friends can always solve certain problems in good time.

fourth, translation. Say advanced point, we call translation; say lower level, call success, experience copy. Like super girl is not the copy foreign successful experience what these what? So, if you find some good foreign language, advanced article translation; otherwise, with the help of Google translation or Kingsoft, you can read about the meaning of some short articles, according to the meaning of good translation. Moreover, the biggest advantage of translation is: absolutely original; absolute starting; copyright is definitely your own; as long as the content of health, search engines absolutely like.

about my personal summary, I do not know what you have different views, please feel free to exchange.

do you have any comments or suggestions, you can publish or leave a message on the website, I hope everyone will support, reprint please indicate the source, thank you.

How to learn to make high quality original articles