access to the Internet, easy to read news, what to see! News replies Bai! NetEase news returns most exciting, this is incomparable to other websites, this is the site of friends around the classic case of friends.

as is known to all, it is the same thing to see which websites go to the news, but the title has been changed, and the content has been added a little seasoning, which is actually the same thing. Since the news has been published on the Internet, the best advantage of the news is that users from different areas can see each other’s reactions. Who can do this well, who is walking in the front row,


, we don’t comment on how good the literary talent is here. It’s secondary to our small and medium station owners. We should consider doing stand, do not let users around the site, but let users around friends.

my station is not to let the legal needs, lawyers around our website, which in itself does not make sense, the legal needs of the lawyer is looking for. The profession scope of lawyer is to serve for the party, so the development of the website is to let the two groups of the parties and lawyers have a good platform.

whether Witkey, blog, local information network or SNS, online games and so on. In fact, that is to let users around friends turn, and this is to do the station, "kingly way."". If your site visits a high jump rate, if your new site visits are always higher than 80%, then you have not done so that users around friends turn. This paper consists of feeds, poor writing, welcome.

Do web site so that users around friends turn