core tip: only site registration talent is unique, who can not change, buy links should pay attention to this point!


Hello, I am A5 occupation link seller, my QQ is 88124886, the integrity of the seller is currently A5 has more than 100 long-term customers, thanks to A5 for the wealth platform, thanks to my old customers to bring profit site.

in the blink of an eye, my "link" series of articles have been written about fourth articles, thank the support A5 editor, my article after editing seriously, I feel very touched! Such as my "link: what links the effect?", "link: what time to buy links", "link: how much are good? "These articles, A5 editors have seriously found the original link, plus it is too careful! Here, let us work for the A5 editor seriously salute!


has just been busy for a while, and a client has bought a link to my 13 sites in a lump sum. In fact, I buy a lot of people here, but this customer is very special, very interesting, before I buy a link, I said the price is too high. At that time, I was also very busy to deal with many renewals. I have to say: "the cheap mostly black chain and a liar, you do not believe that? Would you please go and buy some cheap experience, and then come back to talk with me, I estimate that when we talk about the


indeed, ignored me a few days this customer, is to find someone else to buy. This morning my early QQ opened to see the customer’s head flashing, got to know that, when he shall! He kept in here I regret, said should not listen to my voice, and "no good cheap goods". In contrast, "you here, the price is relatively mild and warm much!" I feel funny, while for the customer I pity, while I was so busy no time with him and let him be AC (though the subjective factor is not on me, but I still feel guilty), and began to tell him how to cheat.

in fact, this client of mine is definitely not a special case. Many of my old customers can be regarded as the arena veteran? But still sometimes constantly fooled. Just talk to me and complain to me as soon as they’re free. I say this can blame? A while,. Cheats don’t cheat people. Are there cheats,


I laugh at them: "in fact, thanks to you, you think to make contributions to society! Liar to live ah! You are not being cheated, that is not a liar liar! Life is life!"

well, we all know that the disgusting liar is a liar, even also disgusting liar, because they are also the swindler is not happy! Happy natural nausea.

today, I will teach you how to change the "rules" for DaoGaoYiZhang.

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